Monday, January 29, 2018

How We Are Saving for Next Year's Christmas (Make it!) -Part 4!

Imagine with me a moment, your next years Christmas:

Scenario #1:   

You still have that one person to buy for that has everything.  That's right you forgot to think of Grandma!  Really, all she wants is to see you, but you can't just walk in her house without a gift.  It just wouldn't feel right.  So, you scan the aisles of the store one by one, hoping and praying that something that feels just like Grandma will just jump out for you.   This has taken a long time and you end up with a nightgown for her, hoping she still wears a size small. 

Scenario #2:

So many people touch our lives during the year. Maybe for you it's the preacher, the postman, or your child's teacher.  You want to show them how much you appreciate all the hard work they do for you all year.  Of course though you have forgotten to buy them a present.  So you rush out to the store find some nice candy, pay full price for it, and then you realize you need to charge it to your credit card because all of your Christmas budget is gone.  Thankfully, you know that you won't see that bill till next year.  

Scenario #3:

Your relaxing and watching your favorite Christmas movie, when you realize that for some reason your dog or cat is sniffing at all the presents under the tree.  A light bulb goes off and you know you have forgotten your favorite companion.  Believe me they are smart and they know Christmas means presents.  You go to the pantry, find a treat or old bone under the bed and wrap it up real quick.  Your relieved but at the same time you feel like the worst animal parent ever.

Scenario #4 (the best one)

You have worked every month to have presents ready for everyone on your list.  You have made an afghan for Grandma,  some nice gloves for the postal worker, a little gift basket full of homemade trinkets for the teacher, and crochet some mice for the cat. You have even prepared gifts for your friends!  All you have left to do is go in your gift closet and wrap them up.  

I know some of you don't feel as though your crafty but believe me there are some great easy ideas and instructions to copy on the internet.  I have a Pinterest board that have some cute gifts you can make in no time.

One of my favorite places to find inspiration for gifts is at Annabelle's blog, The Bluebirds are Nesting.  Every week she posts her readers pictures of things they have made for Christmas or their gift closet.  Just looking at them gives me the motivation to start making presents.  People are just so talented.  

Have you starting making any Christmas presents yet?  

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