Monday, January 22, 2018

How We Are Saving for Next Year's Christmas (Win it) -Part 3!

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Now I don't play the lottery but I love to win giveaways. It takes a little effort of course but it's so fun when you when a prize and you haven't paid one cent to get it!  Many times when I win I save back the prize for a birthday or a Christmas present.  They don't have any idea that you won it unless of course you tell them.  

Here is where I enter giveaways:

Blog Giveaways:

Blog giveaways are my favorite way to enter giveaways.  They usually have a product from their sponsor that they review and have one to giveaway.  I pick and choose which ones I like and enter on that post.  

So what do you have to do to enter a blog giveaway? Sometimes it as simple as living a comment.  They will ask you a question and you answer.   Other times they have a linky on their post where you enter your email or enter with facebook.  Then to get more entries they may want you to follow them, leave a comment, share on facebook or twitter, or know the secret word.  You might want to come back if it's a great giveaway and see if you can tweet again. 

I've been lucky enough to have won some here and there.  Great giveaways that I can use for my family like flour, museum tickets, and brooms.

You can find my list of some of the blogs that I find giveaways on here

This is the cute little prize pack I won just recently for the movie, Paddington Bear 2.   It included a cloth bag, two little Paddington bears, stickers, orange marmalade, a padding bear figurine, pencils, and 4 movie tickets.  I will have to use some of this now but I'm saving back the little bears for the grandchildren Christmas stockings.   I'm also saving back some of the stickers and pencils for when we take a road trip.  

Where to find other giveaways:

Blogs aren't the only places that I've entered and won giveaways.  I've also entered giveaways at events, welcome centers (zoo tickets), and grocery stores.  Most of the time it just takes filling out a form and put it in a box.  One of my readers (I'm sorry I don't remember who) told me she has success if she crumbles up the paper.  I'm going to try that more often and see if it helps.  

Do you love entering giveaways?  

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