Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/2/18 with my First No Spend January Menu Included!

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Grand son made up a new game after he got bored with checkers. He won!   

We kept the grand children entertained as much as we could with the cold weather.  It was too cold to take them sledding most of the time but we did many other things like play games at home and took them to the library for a free puppet show.  The show was Beauty and the Beast that was done with marionettes.  It was so good the children never moved an inch.  We all jumped when the beast came out.  

We went out to eat twice this past week-once with a gc for my birthday and once when we went out of town.  Both of these I signed up for their emails and received coupons.  

We went shopping on Friday at Kroger to get the pop (24 pack for $3.99)  and the frozen pizza ($2.99) that was on sale.   It was a great to stock up for no spend January but I would have bought them anyway.

I also took the Kroger Survey for more fuel points. 

Here are the ways I benefited on my birthday In December (I'm 57):
I was given 3000 points for my birthday from Old Orchard Juice (enough to order a lighted key chain),  200 bonus points for Speedway,  one scoop sundae from Culvers, and free pancakes from IHOP.

I made gift tags from Christmas cards I received this year.  

I made up two lasagnas and put one in the freezer.  

We started our no spend January yesterday!  

Menu for the rest of this week on No Spend January:

Note:  It's just at the beginning of No Spend January and I realize we are low on potatoes, eggs (1), and bologna.  I do have instant potatoes so I'll make the real ones last as long as I can. Also, I'm making the cornbread today without an egg. 

Tuesday        Soup beans (in the crockpot), cornbread, and instant mashed potatoes  (no meat)

Wednesday   Hot dogs/chips

Thursday     Hamburger Steak, rest of the soup beans, Mashed potatoes (instant again)

Friday          Digernio Pizza (bought on sale last week for $2.99)

Saturday      Eat out for a birthday and pay for most of it with a gift card

Sunday        Baked Chicken, real mashed potatoes, shuck beans (frozen), and biscuits

Breakfasts:  French toast (made with the 1 egg), oatmeal, and cereal.  

Goals for this week:

Work hard on the grocery bill (we have $40 to spend).  I think husband needs to stay at home.

Take down the rest of the Christmas decorations

Organize the pantry and see what I have.  I know I should have done this earlier but we were so busy with Christmas.  

What are the ways you've saved this past week? 

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