Sunday, January 7, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/7/18 Plus the Menu Plan!

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Here are the ways I've saved this past week:

With all the cold weather it seemed like the birds that are still here needed a little something extra. So I made my own bird suet this past week using this recipe. So far the squirrels have loved it.  

The vacuum cleaner quit running this past week. You know, that's always kind of scary.  It was totally backed up so the husband took it apart and cleaned it all out.  This took long enough that the motor cooled off and it has been working well since.  

I ordered a free book from the points I earned with My Reader Rewards (formally Tyndale Rewards)

I also requested a book from the local library for a book discussion.  The book is in another town and they will have someone bring it to the library that is closer to us.  

Received a candy bar from Speedway gas station as their reward this month. 

Bought the Olive Garden Gift Card at Kroger for Husband birthday dinner so I could receive the 4x the fuel rewards.  I also took the Kroger survey for more points.  

I stayed within the budget for grocery shopping this past week.  You can see the total I spent here.  

The last part of December I made a hooded towel for the grandson. using a regular bath towel and half of a hand towel.  This past week I made two washcloths with the half of the hand towel that was left over. 

Menu for the rest of this week on No Spend January:

It's amazing to me how long the soup beans lasted this past week.  First we had them with cornbread, the next day it was so cold we decided to make the beans into chili, and then the next we ground up the chili to spread it on our hot dogs.  It was just a little different taste with the pinto beans but we liked the change.  

Monday        Cornish hens (on sale last week), mashed potatoes, shuck beans that were frozen, and mashed potatoes. 

Tuesday        Smoked sausage with fried potatoes and onions.  

Wednesday   leftovers

Thursday     Spanish Rice 

Friday          Digernio Pizza - I have decided Friday's are pizza nights.  Well, that is until we run out of the ones I bought on sale.  

Saturday      We have a gift card left from Christmas so we are going to Cracker Barrel!  Special thanks to my sister in law!  

Sunday        Lasagna (freezer meal) 

Breakfasts:  Egg sandwiches, oatmeal, and cereal.  

Goals for this week:

Take the Christmas decorations outside to the garage when it warms up this week.  They are all packed up but I just couldn't make myself walk out back to put them in their storage place.  Just too cold.  

Keep cleaning and organizing the pantry.  

What are the ways you've saved this past week? 

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