Saturday, January 6, 2018

1st Grocery Shopping Trip of No Spend January!

I wrangled the grocery bill down this week on No Spend January till I got it within reach of the $40.00 budget.   I want to stick as close as I can so we can save our money for this year's remodeling project.  I took back something at Meijer and then  made sure to take back my bottles at Kroger.  It all counts!  No one starves like my Mother used to think when I would do this!  

Now you can make your own rules if you doing this No Spend January.  That's the beauty of it.  We have 3 people who live here and two grand children who visit often, you may have more or less.    We also have a garden that I canned a lot of vegetables from (side bar shows the tally). Just adjust it to suit your family.  It's really amazing how much we can save.  

We went to three stores this week and made sure to get the bargains at each one.  They are all in reasonable distance of us.  Probably my total time in preparation for the trips was a couple of hours.  It takes a bit of time to save money.  

So here is my total for this week:


It always cracks me up when we stock up on No Spend January.  I've been waiting for the soup to come on sale though and finally with coupons the deal was too good to pass up.  


Bananas        .31
Lettuce          .99
bologna       $4.79
12 cans of chicken noodle soup   $8.28 (.69 a piece)
8 cans of tomato soup $4.14 (.69 a piece)
oranges $5,99

 -.80 off 4 Campbell's soup
 -.80 off 4 Campbell's soup
 - $5.00 of 10 Campbell's Soup

minus 11.00 for return item

Total $6.90


My husband went to Aldi's for me.  He didn't do bad at all except for the sourdough bread.  He thought that's what I wanted.  I do like it so it won't go to waste but it was kind of expensive.  It was nice that he went for me so I didn't say anything. 

Large Eggs            $1.44
10 lb russet potatoes   $2.99
2 half and halfs            $1.69 ea
Whole Milk                 $1.68
6 pk raisins                  $1.09
Greek Yogurt               $3.69
Sourdough bread         $2.89
Wheat Bread                    .89

Total $18.54


Kroger is where I spent the majority of my time getting ready.  I wanted to make sure I had downloaded and clipped the right coupons.  They didn't have any more of the  Barilla Ready Pasta  that I had a free coupon for and they let me have some ready made Ravioli instead.  You gotta love that.   After all the preparation I pretty sure I messed up the mega savings with the too big a bottle of scope but it all turned out well. 

4 donuts (not pictured) $3.00
3 Cornish hens $7.50
Free Larabar 
Free Ravioli
Gallon of Milk .79 (after $1.00 coupon I received in the mail)
5 blocks of Kroger cheese $5.00
2 bottles of Herbal Essence $1.50 each after digital coupon
Crest toothpaste $1.99
2 pk of secret deodorant $1.99 after coupon
Crest Scope mouthwash $1.99 after coupon
Bananas $1.58

-$13.40 in bottle returns (we get .10 a piece to return cans or bottles here in Michigan and they have been stacking up)

Total  $14.30

Grand total is $39.74!  

How did you do grocery shopping this week? 

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