Saturday, January 13, 2018

This Week's Grocery Shopping Trip on No Spend January 1/12/18

Sometimes you just have to let them just go to the grocery store and just pray about.  He wanted to buy pickle bologna and the cheapest price he said was at Walmart.  I could have went with him and kind of slowed the spending down but when I looked outside all thoughts of that went out the window. Reading a book for hour seemed like a better thing to do. I try to stay indoors in nasty weather when I can.  

I can't complain too much, everything was useful in our house. It was a shock though to realize that when he got done we hardly had anything left out of our $40 a week grocery budget.  A mere pittance!  He absolutely can not go again on his own.  Man I've been reading too many historical romances!   

Walmart (no picture)

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Loaf        $2.38
Bologna                                               $4.32
Pickled Bologna                                  $10.58
3 bags of Stevia @$3.96 each             $15.84
can of beans                                               .84
White Castle cheeseburgers                 $4.50

Total spent                                            $38.46

What's left                                               $1.54

So with only a $1.54 left I remembered those bottles outside that I refused to look for in subzero temps last week.  I didn't find a lot but enough to help me with some Meijer shopping.  These people love their cereal here.  I loved the price!  

gallon of milk      $1.79
Meijer butter        $2.79
Eggs                     $  .89
Bananas                $  .21
Buy 5 save $5.00 (price after coupons and discount)
Palmolive Dish soap      .49 
2 boxes of CF cereal            .49 each 
2 boxes of Gm Cereal    $1.69 each

Bottle Returns   -$2.60

Total $7.92

Overage:   $6.39

We are a little bit over this week but I'm sure we will straighten that out next week.  Ok I hope we do!  

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

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