Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/14/18 Plus the Menu Plan!

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Here are the way's I've saved this week:

This is the way it has looked out my bedroom window for far too long.  So, I decided yesterday we needed to escape from our winter cabin and go on a breakfast date.  It was just the two of us sneaking out for breakfast with the gift card we received for Christmas (I was going to use the gift card on dinner but I decided to get the lasagna I made out of the freezer).  Note to self: Check the road conditions before going out!  

Picked up the book that I reserved from the library for a book discussion in one of my Facebook groups.  It was The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It was so nice to read a childhood favorite again. It's amazing how much information about survival you can glean from this book while being entertained.  As I was leaving I noticed the table with the  books for sale and the next book in the series was there! I paid $1.00 for it because it was hard cover.  I was also able to buy audio tapes of a collection of Louis L'Amour's books for $2.00.  I haven't read any books by him before but I wanted to listen on the way home from all the errands. So far I'm glad I bought them because the wonderful voices have made the story come to life.  This $3.00 came out of the $20 a week we give ourselves to spend on our No Spend January.  I don't know what else I've done with my money.  You know how that goes, it just seems to disappear.  I'll try to track it better next week.   

You can see my mostly his grocery shopping here for this past week.  

With all the cold weather our clothes were full of static electricity so I had to start using dryer sheets again!  I cut the dryer sheets into halves and put them back in the box.  I would have cut them into thirds but halves work best.  All this week I've tried to see how much less I could use so I could make things stretch.  For instance  could I use 3 bags of tea rather than 4 for iced tea? No.  Could I use little less of my watered down dish detergent? Yes.  

I received a email that said I could receive an extra 55 points for my birthday from Swagbucks  if I used my points to order my next  gift card before the end of January. So I caved in and I ordered a $5.00 Burger King Gift Card.  It will be good to use when we go to the auto show along with the coupons we receive in the mail.  

Menu for this next week:

Monday      Leftovers

Tuesday      Hamburger Helper (I've heard that you can add more water and make this a soup.  So I'm going to try it.  I'll let your know).  Homemade bread

Wednesday   Hamburgers and fries or potato chips

Thursday       Spaghetti 
Friday     Digeronio Pizza (spell check for this says digestion-ha ha). My supply that I bought on sale for $2.99 each  is getting low.  

Saturday     Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.     

Sunday        Chicken and Dumplings

Goals for this next week:

Cleaning the pantry has led to cleaning out the kitchen cupboards.  I hope to finish them this week.

Make some blackberry jelly with the juice I canned last summer.

Make some garlic bread ahead for the freezer.  

What are the ways you've saved this past week?

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