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My Grocery Shopping this Week 3/24/18!

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Sorry if it seems like I was missing in action this week.  I felt like all I did was grocery shop all week (we had fun). Towards the end of the week all I could manage to do was read and I got turning the pages of Kate Lloyd's new book Starting from Scratch (so so so good).  I read mostly while he is watching basketball and then I look up every once in a while when I hear the announcer getting excited.  I get the best of both worlds!  


We took the granddaughter with us -she is a ham and wanted to be in the picture too.  

2 Easter lollipops  .99
two hatchimals $3.99  a piece (I didn't even noticed these were the puzzle ones)  (I usually wouldn't count this as grocery but life was hectic that day and they are in the picture)
2 extra sharp cheddar  $1.79 each
cashew Halves    $3.19
Fruit flavored snack  .99
vine tomatoes   $2.39
Cheese cracker $1.49
1 gallon of whole milk  $1.88
red onions    $1.39
Almond Milk   $1.99

Total   $31.72

Aunt Millies Bakery


Kroger (no picture) 
We decided last Saturday that we would go and get the pop that was on sale for $1.28 a 12 pack (you could buy 5)
Tortilla chips Free 
Kroger Deluxe Ice cream $2.50
Kroger Ice cream cups  $3.39
5 cartons of pop  $1.28  plus deposit
Total  $18.29

With our overage of $14.71 last week this total of $61.68  made us pretty close to even for the month.  

 Then this happened.

My daughter found some great Amish stores for us to visit in our part of Michigan.  We had a blast and we went over our budget for this month.  We have decided though not to grocery shop except for reg. milk and almond milk  next week (we already have the Ham, potatoes, and rolls for Easter) and keep our grocery budget to  $60 a week for next month.  Now let me show you what we bought.  

This includes non grocery items because it was hard to separate.  I also can't give prices because they just ring up the price and not the item.  We went to four stores and two of the stores had non-electric cash registers and were heated by coal stoves.  They also had out houses but I decided I could wait.  

A few of these items were close to the better if used by date but most were just a good price.  I'm not even sure I wrote it all down but here it goes:

Cocoa for baking
2 qts of strawberries
2 boxes of Lipton tea (104 bags each)
3 tins of Planters assorted nuts (Christmas theme- better if use by date June of 2018)
2 Jars (1 large and 1 small) of picked bologna
3 country time lemonade
small beef stick
amish noodles
candy galore
2 apple fry pies 
Pickle loaf
4 boxes of cereal
1 box of mashed potatoes
jar of honey
10 pounds of potatoes
cheese sliced 
4 packages of string cheese 
log of summer sausage
6 donuts
2 apples

The Meat store

2 packages of smoked pork chops 
2 packages of hamburger 
4 pork hocks 
chuck roast 
2 dozen eggs 

Non grocery items

Pain Relief salve
box of 12 greeting cards $4.50
4 boxes of canning lids  (they also had a long stack of canning lids that would last me the rest of my canning life for $48.00-I'll think about them next time)
2 febreeze scents
shower curtain rings

Here is another somewhat blurry view.   

Total spent $160.00 for everything

Facts: Some facts that might help you when you look at our grocery tab:

We have a household of 3 adults and the 2 grandchildren are here a lot.

I'm not counting toilet paper, cat food, or that pretty shirt I found at Meijer's for our granddaughter for $2.00 (ha ha).   

Prices vary wildly from state to state so for instance our milk may be cheaper or higher than yours.  

We live in Michigan.  

We don't buy meat every week, when it comes on sale we stock up. 

We have a very large garden that I can a lot of vegetables from.

 I buy just about all my cleaning products at estate sales for $1 or less a piece except for dish detergent and laundry soap. Sometimes though I have found those there too.

I buy Scott toilet paper on Amazon  and it lasts forever. 

I want to keep the grocery bill around $80 a week.

I'll have more money in the budget for other things If I save at the grocery store!

The Top 6 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

How did you do grocery shopping this week? 

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