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My Grocery Shopping Trips for the Week of 3/17/18!

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We started the week out with a bit of excitement with some free eggs.  We have giggled every time we've thought about it.
Then on Monday we knew we had better get to Aldi's for some cheese (we ran out last week and it wasn't on the list).   It's amazing how much cheese we go through.  

Aldi's  (Monday)

3 loaves of wheat bread   $1.49  each (we freeze our bread)
1 package of ham             $3.19
3 packages of cheese        $1.79 each
flat cut corned beef           $9.97  (it's in the crock pot now)
Package of donuts             $1.59
Greek Yogurt                     $3.49
2 gallons of Milk               $1.88 each
Cereal (gluten free)            $.99
Tortilla chips                        .89
2 cans of evap.  milk            .69  (this is the best price that I have found lately)
Box of crackers                    .75
2 cartons of half and half    $1.69
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls           $1.99  (in the freezer for Easter)

Total    $41.04

Local Market  (Friday)  We stock up on the weirdest things sometimes.  

Large jar of Vlasic Dill Pickels    $3.99
3 Steak um's                        $9.00
Cabbage                               $3.66  (4 lb) (Aldi's had it cheaper but they were out)
Lettuce                                     .88
baby carrots                        $1.29
4 pkgs. of ham                     $3.96
10 pkgs of Koegel's Bologna              $29.90  ($2.99 reg. $5.00) (we froze it)
Total $53.67

grand Total for this week $94.71  (14.71 over our budget so we will watch it next week) 

Facts: Some facts that might help you when you look at our grocery tab:

We have a household of 3 adults and the 2 grandchildren are here a lot.

I'm not counting toilet paper, cat food, or that pretty shirt I found at Meijer's for our granddaughter for $2.00 (ha ha).   

Prices vary wildly from state to state so for instance our milk may be cheaper or higher than yours.  

We live in Michigan.  

We don't buy meat every week, when it comes on sale we stock up. 

We have a very large garden that I can a lot of vegetables from.

 I buy just about all my cleaning products at estate sales for $1 or less a piece except for dish detergent and laundry soap. Sometimes though I have found those there too.

I buy Scott toilet paper on Amazon  and it lasts forever. 

I want to keep the grocery bill around $80 a week.

The Top 6 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

The Top 6 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

How did you do grocery shopping this week?  

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