Monday, March 12, 2018

Menu Plan for this Week 3/12/18!

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We were blessed with two dozen free fresh eggs yesterday!  While we were out for a Sunday drive we stopped at a farm in that had eggs for sale. They are on the honor system (they put the  eggs in a small refrigerator and then you put the money in the box). I decided to stay in the car and let my husband get them because I was wearing tennis shoes and it was nothing but ice. All of sudden my husband was looking around and saying "where are you at?"  He started walking to the front of the house then he disappeared down the hill. I was just deciding to chance it and go out to see what was going on when both my husband and the farmer came walking  back. The farmer was saying, "keep the eggs" and then I heard "now, wasn't that hilarious." 

Apparently they had put a new handle and door on the chicken coop recently and had failed to put a string on the inside so he could get out. So he was locked in the chicken coop!  His wife was gone shopping and there was no one home to come to his rescue. He was one red faced, flustered looking man. I think he was thanking God we had come along. No telling how long it would have been to the next customer came or till his wife came back. He insisted we keep the eggs.   Made our day!  #stuffhappens

Here is the Menu Plan for this week:

Monday               Chicken and Rice Burritos (freezer meal)

Tuesday              Chicken Noodle soup 

Wednesday        Tuna Fish Sandwiches and the rest of the chicken noodle soup  (we recently stocked up on tuna)

Thursday            Pork chops  -husband has requested that they just be fried down brown.  I tried a new recipe last week that really didn't turn out as we hoped.  We ate it any way.  Sides:  mashed potatoes, shuck beans, and cornbread.  

Friday                   Out to eat (we have decided through the rest of this month to get Wendy's double burger for .99 for everyone)  

Saturday              Just realized this was st. Patrick's day-corned beef and cabbage!  

Sunday               Roast with the normal fixings

What's on your menu this week?

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