Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 4/29/18!

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Here are the ways I saved this past week:  

Planted a couple of my jugs that I had winter sown this past week. I planted two different kinds of lettuce (bib and leaf) in the top part of the garden that isn't as wet.  I also planted some onion bulbs on the edges (husband loves wilted lettuce and green onions).   

I just raked back the leaves and turned the soil under with a hoe.  I have more to plant this week and next.  I'm so excited about winter sowing that I will be doing a lot more next year.  This is a great money saver on buying plants.  I just need to find a way to mark the jugs better.  All of them were marked with permanent marker a couple of times on the milk jugs but it all disappeared in the snow.  I pretty sure I can identify what I planted but if I have more that would be a problem.  

I made potato salad out of leftover mashed potatoes

I got my Bubbly water for free with a coupon from Speedway and realized it has a 10 cent bottle deposit.  So I made money!

Contacted Swagbucks about a credit not showing up and they were very nice.   I received it without a problem. 

We received 30 cents off our gas at Kroger with points and filled both cars.

The weather was so warm that for a couple of days I was able to hang clothes on the line. 

I sold the wooden folding chairs for $15.00 that we found a couple of weeks ago out to the curb.   I'm saving this money back for vacation (this will buy somebody's dinner).  

Went to a subdivision sale and bought so many things for our household.  Here are the things I can remember that we bought over two days:  Two pairs of brand new looking tennis shoes for me $2.00 and $3.00,  a new pair of sandals (still in box) for $2.00, 12 tea glasses $1.00,  sugar bowl for coffee $1.00,  a small rotor tiller for the garden (needs work) and a power washer (bought for the hose) each for $1.00,  3 plastic drink pitchers .50 each,  3 pill dispensers for $1.50,  four boxes of unopened canning lids, mason jar grabbers, and the plastic bin they stored it in for $2.00, a box of 50 brand new pairs of cloth gardening gloves for $2.00 (I shared them with my daughter), a radio (fm/am) for $2.00,  a mongoose bike for grandson for $13.00, clothes, and a three wheeled lawnmower that was free (parts).  

On Friday we went together in one vehicle.  When the granddaughter found the free toy box she just kept saying, "oh my goodness." We shopped till we had no more room, were exhausted, and some of us ran out of money.  We went by ourselves on Saturday.😊  

Before we left Friday morning we warmed up the breakfast sandwiches that I had frozen a couple of weeks ago.  

My goals for this week:

The den is 75 % done with Spring cleaning so hope to finish that.  

Plant more of the winter sown milk jugs in the garden (more lettuce and beets).  

Keep putting mulch around the trees and shrubs.  I've been doing this as much as the weather and my back will allow.   

What are the ways you saved this past week?  

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