Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Week 8/19/18!

Last night I picked another basket full of tomatoes -we have picked over 1/2 bushel so far.  We have also picked a 1/2 bushel of green beans.  I canned both of them this week.  

I also picked some very large zucchini.  You turn your back on them for a few minutes and they grow out of control!   I sliced them thin and froze them in strips for lasagna this winter.  

I planted mustard greens in the spot where we harvested the potatoes.  

Watched our grocery budget more closely.  You can see how much I spent here.

Bought two deals on Seize the Deal (local deal site).  We have company coming so I made sure to watch for the ones I wanted.  One was for donuts that she loves ( 13 donuts for $8.00) and the other for McDonald's ($20.00 worth for $15.00).  We will freeze the rest of the donuts for the grandchildren (if there are any leftover).  

I sold an item this week for $20. 

We went on a date night to watch the car cruise for the local car show.  We had the best time together and only spent money for two coffee's.  

We were treated to a dinner out by my oldest daughter.    

Goals for this week:

Enter the fair today!  

Repair the wallpaper finally in my daughter's room.  When the cat was little he put some big scratches in it.  

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