Saturday, August 18, 2018

What I Spent at the Grocery Store this Week 8/18/18

I want to say our new way of eating is great.   We have both lost weight (I've lost 16 and he has lost 20).  

At the same time this new way of eating is costing us more at the grocery store. We've decided that eating better is a major priority for our health and we would just have to spend more. Your health is your wealth, my husband likes to say.  

This week though I made it my mission to get a handle on it a little bit.  I'm proud to say we were pretty close to my $100.00  a week goal (total spent $115.00)  and we were able to stock up!  So here is what we spent this week:


Hamburger (on sale for $1.99 a pound), a couple bags of candy for the grandchildren, and cottage cheese.  Total spent $43.00.  

I froze most of the hamburger in these hamburger freezer containers that I found at different garage sales this year ($4.00 total cost).  So handy when we or the grandchildren need just a hamburger for dinner.  

Farm Market 

We went to a Farm Market in a nearby town.  My husband was wanting the blueberries they were advertising on Facebook.  It was a wonderful little market situated next to their farmhouse.  We were able to buy day old fruit 1/2 off!  

Blueberries 3 pecks  (I froze them immediately), peaches (a peck), 4 dozen fresh eggs ($2.50 a dozen), and a huge honey rock.  Total spent $43.00.   

Local market - 2 packs of Koegel's bologna for $4.50- total spent 9.00

All detergent $.99 (after coupon)
Bananas         $1.30
2 packs of pork rinds  $1.79 each
1 pack of better pork rinds apparently $3.09
Lettuce           $.99
Kroger soup   $.79 (bought 5)
5 Kroger shredded cheese  .99 (Friday/Saturday coupon) bought 5
Kraft dressing (free after coupon that was mailed to my home)
Milk -$1.29 a gallon (bought 1)
Total spent $20.47

Total spent $115.00

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