Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Week 10/21/18!

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It was 24 degrees Wednesday morning so everything is done in the garden but the Mustard greens. It was sad to see the zinnia flowers gone.  There have been sightings of snow here and there.   Luckily, it has warmed up to 34 degrees this morning. 

Here are the ways  we helped our household and saved this past week:

I made a new fleece tie blanket for our home.   The top of the blanket came from an estate sale for $5.00 and the bottom from clearance at Rite Aid for $3.00.  Total cost $8.00.  The cat has claimed it as his own.  

Accepted free eggs from a kind neighbor.

I bought some books from the library for $2.00.  

I used a sweater stone and made a few of my husband's sweatshirts look new again.  

I found some great grocery deals and stayed within the grocery budget.    

Filled out the Kroger survey for 50 fuel points.  

My Goals for next week:

Finish the crocheting a baby blanket for a friend.

Defrost the freezer in the garage.  I need to do this before it gets so cold that I won't be able to. 

Clean the rest of the garden.   The grandson helped me take down about half of the bean poles in the garden then it rained us out.  He will help me with the other half this next week.  He is working for a game he likes.  

What are the ways you saved this week? 

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