Saturday, January 26, 2019

Last Grocery Shopping Trip for No/Low Spend January and the Grand Total Plus what has been on the Dinner Table 1/26/19!

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Part of our No/Low Spend January challenge has been to cut our grocery bill down to $50 a week.   We didn't do too bad at all.  I wish I had took the pictures and the exact receipts this week but I failed.  I was cold and just brought it in.  So, I'm sorry about that.   

The picture above is from the discount/dent store where we went first and bought a few things. The total wasn't bad and I thought we could just leave it like that.  No, he had to buy milk and I let him go by himself.  Listen, he got everything he's been wanting.  Everything!  Then I went back to get everything he forgot.  I've diagnosed our problem though -we grocery shop when we are bored.  Yep, maybe we should get some help with that.  
I sold an item on Facebook and that saved us (I'll explain more that on tomorrow's frugal post) from disaster this week.  So all is well.

$28,59 -Discount Store
$59.09 -Aldi's  (his trip to go get milk)
$33.35 -Aldi's   (my trip to get everything he forget)

-$90 from a sale from Facebook
Total for this week:  $31.03

Grand total for No/Low Spend January $232.90-  Just $32 over!   I think we should try and keep this up every month!   Husband says, "that's the way to go."

Saturday (today)

Cheeseburger Pie


Stuffed Peppers


Sausage and eggs (breakfast meal)

The amount saved from keep our grocery bill low and keeping track of our spending money has been great.   We will save that for our anniversary travel trip this Spring.    

How's your grocery shopping been this week?

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