Sunday, January 27, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/27/19!

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We had a snow day for kids last week.  I kept them busy making pizzas, milkshakes, and cinnamon rolls.   I'm trying to get as many prepared activities ahead that I can for this coming week  There is a scheduled day off for one of the grand kid,s after that I think with the extreme cold and snow that we are expecting, that they will be here a lot.  For those coming days and spring break I decided to make some pancakes of time to freeze for breakfasts. 

I was given a boxed lunch at the volunteer work I did on MLK day.  I brought it home and gave the sandwich to my daughter.  I stored the potato chips and cookie in the van for when we need snacks for the grand children.

I have started Spring Cleaning.   It's nice to get as much done before Spring as I can and that way I can focus on outside work.  Last week I repaired the kitchen curtains, washed them, and then hung them back on the rods to dry.   I also cleaned and organized the spice cabinet and the book shelf in the guest room.   .  

I sold a dollhouse that I bought at a rummage sale for $10 a couple of summers ago, for $90 this past week. I didn't know when I bought it that it was vintage.  Granddaughter had many happy hours of enjoyment with it until she got her new one for Christmas.  I put the money earned towards last weeks groceries.  

I've started winter sowing and I have sowed 10 milk jugs so far with seeds.  I hope to plant more milk jugs today.  This will help me stay out of the local greenhouse as much as possible this Spring.  

I bought a $5 Barnes and Noble gift card with my Swagbucks.  I find that I stayed encouraged on Swagbucks when I buy the little gift cards when I can.  I hope to earn $20 in gift cards from Barnes and Noble and make it a small field trip for the grand kids to get new books on Spring Break.  

Goals for this week:

Don't go grocery shopping till Friday!  

Finish knitting the scarf (almost there).

Winter sow more jugs today!  

What are the ways you've saved this past week?

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