Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3 Helpful Hints to Help with Spring Cleaning

I'm not sure why it's called spring cleaning because at my house it usually starts to happen in January. I usually like to get it all done before Spring is here (except for the window washing)!  When Spring finally comes to Michigan I hope to be out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

Believe it or not there was a time that I never Spring Cleaned.  Now before you label me as an unbelievable mess, I'll explain.  When we were first married we moved a lot.  We moved so often that I was able to weed out the extras and clean at the same time. I became a expert mover and things just didn't have time to get dirty, pile up, or become disorganized.  I'm so glad those days are over!

Now though we have lived many years in the same house and Spring Cleaning has become a yearly ritual.

Here are 3 Helpful Hints to Help with Spring Cleaning:

3 Helpful Hints to Help with Spring Cleaning

1.  Go slow. If you happen to read my goal list each week you realize I like to do it very slow. I try to accomplish just a couple things a week.  It helps to fit little bits in to my schedule.  So far I've done the pantry, and cleaned out all the pot drawers. This week I'm on to the two drawers that the utensils go in and the canning shelf in the den. Slowly, but surely, I'll knock off everything off my list and I'll be done till the Fall spruce up.  Yep, there is a Fall spruce up!

2.  Ask before you ditch it.  I admit I guilty of this when I was younger.  I would throw it away if I didn't know what it was, and it happened to be in my way. Then it wouldn't be long and my husband would start looking for it, give up, and buy a new one.

Slowly I've gotten wiser (okay a little).  Just this morning  I asked my husband what this tool was for and could I please throw it away.  He said it was for tightening the kitchen faucet and it would cost $5.00 if bought separately.  It pays to ask!

3.   Have a destination for everythingMake sure to have boxes or bags ready to put the unwanted items in.  You will want to throw a few things away, repurpose things when possible, give it someone who needs it, or sell it.

Just last week I went through the baby toys and put the smaller ones on the table to put in the garage sale this Spring.  I then got busy with a few things came back and someone had put them back away for me!  

Have you started your Spring cleaning yet?

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