Saturday, January 19, 2019

No/Low Spend January 19 -Grocery Shopping Total and Spending Money

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Part of our No/Low Spend January challenge has been to cut our grocery bill down to $50 a week.   A couple of weeks ago we went over when we decided it was time to go to the Mennonite grocery store to stock up on meat.  I'm so glad we went then because the roads were great with no snow or ice.  I didn't go grocery shopping this past week to make up for the big overage.  The trick is though the husband did!   We still will make it!   

Mennonite store:

The thing about this store is they just ring up the total and it just says meat, grocery, or produce.   I'll do the best I can with it though.   

2 bags of apples -$1.99 each
Lemons $2.99
a huge jar of Pickles $4.99
Picnick potato sticks
Nuts (walnuts) -$4.62
Steak  $13.57
6 pkgs of Bacon  (4 extra thick slices and 2 regular)
6 pakages of Smithfield Smoked Pork Chops 

Total $89.62

Minus -$15.00 from an item sold on Facebook


None of the meat was old but it was getting close to the sell by date.  

Husband went shopping too!  Aldi's $24.62 (no picture)

Grand total for the week: $99.24  -overage of $49.24 

We still have one week to go on grocery shopping in January but I have one more thing to sell to help us along.  Thank goodness!  

What I did with my $20 spending allowance for the week:

I don't remember much!   It was like it was there one minute, then it was gone.  I do remember taking the kids to the dollar store on a snow day and giving them permission to buy two toys a piece.  Then the grand boy said he couldn't make it through school without a donut (I wanted him to make it through). It just was amazing how fast that $20 went.  

How's your grocery shopping been this week?

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