Saturday, February 9, 2019

Grocery Shopping: My Three Biggest Budget Busters!

Here are my excuses for spending too much money on groceries this week.  I think they are good excuses but really I need to get a grip.  So next week no matter what happens, I'm going to try my best to stay within the budget.    

#1 The Weather is my #1 budget buster.   We've endured some winter storms (ice, cold, and snow) these past couple of weeks that have at times kept us home bound.  Believe me weather exhaustion has set in.  

The times we have gotten out, we've just picked up a gallon of milk here and there.  At each stop we were thinking we will just get a few things. Those little trips cost us more in the end.  Yep, boredom, exhaustion, and milk  are big budget busters!  

#2.  Watching grandchildren because of the weather and school is cancelled.  In the last two weeks they have only visited their school twice!   I'm pretty sure they will be going all of June now.  

Oh, how we we love them and we love to feed them!  Gotta make sure they grow you know.  What you need donuts, oh yes you do!  They may just be a tiny bit spoiled. 

#3.  A craving for summer food in the winter (out of season shopping).   I don't know what it is but I want to eat fresh strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe more right now. I tell myself that I shouldn't shop for fruit that is out of season and I've been able to resist till this last week.  

Maybe I'm missing warmer weather or better yet I have a deficiency.  Oh, that deficiency thing sounds like a good excuse.  Listen you will pay for this stuff and I did (even in the marked down section).  It was good.  

I've totaled it up and we spent a good $75.00 this week.  A far cry from the $20 in stocking up on milk and bread that I had hoped to spend this off week in grocery shopping.  Hopefully next week I'll straighten up because according to the weatherman we are in for more of this wonderful weather next week.  I have to stay strong.    

How's your grocery shopping this week and what are your biggest budget busters?

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Lana said...

Hey I understand about the grocery bill when the weather outside is frightful. It just demands comfort food no matter what it is at the time. I'm with you on craving the summer fruits. Aldi had strawberries for $1.39 this week so they were definitely a delicious treat. The budget buster here is Hubby waking up and saying he wants Cracker Barrel for breakfast with is a $28 splurge. I really try to keep that to once a month. I hope your weather improves real soon! Enough is enough!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Both of those sound so good Lana -Cracker Barrel and strawberries. What a good price on those strawberries. Hopefully we will see good prices like that soon. Yes enough is enough on this weather!

Out My window said...

Well feed an winter vortex, starve nice weather should become your mantra.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes...we are definitely well feed around here lately! Have a great day!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Cheryl I got you message and then accidentally deleted it! It's hard to get used to the new system! I hope your weather is better than ours! Have a great day!

Jeannie said...

You survived a winter storm, enjoyed your grandchildren, ate healthy food (except for the donuts), and had a good week! You did great Vickie! What matters is that you will be back on track next week. It was a reward well earned.

Jenny said...

I have stuck to my list but my list is just long. I told my husband that most things on my list around $3 each. If I have 20 items, which I often do, that's $60. Add to that just a handful of higher priced things...almond flour $10, almonds, $12, bacon $ see where it's going.

Still, looking at groceries through the last century, we still spend much, much less of a percentage of our income on food even though I can never seem to keep my weekly spending under $100.

So I do my very best not to waste food. I make sure nothing gets tossed, that we eat every bite we can. It's been harder to do that the more I feed my grandson. I can give him leftovers once but if he doesn't finish it in that first do-over meal it has to be tossed.

I also try harder to watch serving sizes. I serve the food on plates & put the extra away for another meal so it doesn't get eaten up. Or I take make the next day's lunches before serving the meal & we eat what's left.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You know your right ...we save for reasons like this! Thanks for the encouragement Jeannie!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I know just what you mean Jenny. I need to buy almond flour in the worst way. There are so many recipes I could make with it but it's so expensive that I have put off buying it. I heard that making your almond flour is cheaper but the price of nuts are so high I'm not sure how that is possible.
I love your idea of making the lunches before serving the meal,
Such a good idea to help save money on groceries.
I think the price of everything has gone up and there is really nothing we can do about it except to watch our food bill. At the same time we need to eat healthy foods and that's really hard. You do well Jenny with saving and watching your food bill.

Anonymous said...

Vickie I know what it is like to have cravings for things as I do here quite often. I always say if my body is craving something there must be some vitamin or mineral in it that I need so I eat it :).

It is a well known fact that in cold weather the body needs more food in general to keep warm and satisfied. Sometimes just giving into those urges is the way to go :).

We did no grocery shopping here and intend to do our next grocery shop on the 7th of March when we have to go into town next.

Funny story is that the grocery shop we do our online orders with were wondering who we were as the lady in charge of online orders had never "caught us" picking up our order. They thought we either -
- Owned a restaurant or takeaway shop.
- Or we cooked a lot from scratch and lived out of town.

We order a lot and for a month or two sometimes in 1 or 2 orders and the second option was it we told them. DH and I were not game to tell them we stock up too and keep an advanced supply. They now give us our own particular grocery packing area down the back of the shop so we don't get in everyone's way :) .

Have a great week :) .

sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks for the backup Lorna! I knew I was craving that fresh fruit for a reason. A lot of people are doing the online ordering. Saves time and you don't forget too much either. So funny that she was guessing about who you were! It's good you stock up! Have a great week too!