Saturday, February 2, 2019

Grocery Shopping Total for this Past Week 2/2/19!

My intent was to not go grocery shopping until this weekend but when we saw what was headed our way in the weather department, we went last Sunday afternoon.  The Polar Vortex, as they are calling it, hit us with a punch and stayed just about the whole week.  So glad we went ahead and bought groceries because who wants to shop when it's -45 degrees below zero windchill.   We did end up watching both grandchildren the whole week while their parents worked!  Good thing we had some good food!

Save a Lot

Donuts                                $1.50  for dozen in a package (I froze these in baggies by two and they came in real handy)
2 bags of Hot tamales         $5.79 each
Sharp cheddar cheese          $3.49
Marshmallows  b                   $.99
2 bags of Pork Skins            $1.19 each
2 dozen eggs                         $.75 each
2 packages of bologna          $3.99 each
Lettuce                                  $1.59
Almond Milk                        $2.99
bananas                                 $1.01
oranges                                  $1.99
Sugar Wafers                         $1.29
Fig Bars                                 $1.99
Tomatoes                                $.84 (discounted bin)
2 gallons of milk                    $1.79 each
onions                                      $  .84 (discounted bin)
2 cans of biscuits                    $ .49 (I knew I needed easy)
Koegel's pickled bologna       $9.95

Total   $59.73


We had to go back and stock back up today (kids can eat).  It amazed me the differences in the prices for almond milk between the two stores.  I knew it was high at Save a lot but I also knew we needed for this past week so I just bought it.  

Sorry there is no picture

Advance Bars             $4.99 each
Tea Bags                     $1.89 
Bananas                      $1.07
Apples                         $3.69
Turkey Gravy              $.99 each
Hot sauce                     $1.89
2  loaves of bread         $1.79 each
box of crackers              $.75 
Roma tomatoes              $.89 (16 oz)
2 avacodas                      $.89 each
Chocolate Almond Milk $1.69 
2 half and half                  $1.55 each
Baking Cocoa                   $1.79
2 gallons of milk               $1.98 each
coffee                                 $4.99
Koegels hot dogs               $4.99
2 packages of napkins        $1.49 each
Total  59.31

Grand Total:  $119.04  (this will all be counted on Febuary's bill)

Now we can settle down and try to get back to a better grocery budget because the groundhog said no more winter (I don't believe it).  

How did you do grocery shopping?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Looks like a lot of good food. Isn't it amazing how much little ones can eat?
I stay home the entire week. Nothing I couldn't live without so stayed home.

I don't believe Phil either!!! Spring will get here in about 6 weeks when due.
Have a good weekend.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yep seems like we have Winter no matter what Phil says. He is cute though. Have a great weekend and I hope you can get out some.

Melissa Henderson said...

Great savings Vickie! Today, hubby and I ate lunch out with a gift card. Outback Steakhouse. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Vickie you did well and picked up quite a few specials too. I would have done what you did and shopped rather than go out in that terrible cold you are experiencing over there.

We did shopping last month for January and February so next grocery shop will be in March.

I will be honest with moving in December I completely lost count of what we had in stock so just rounded everything up to the nearest carton of everything :) when we got here and added a little extra on things I could remember.

The main thing is that we got here and I agree it will also be great for us to get back to normality again now we have settled in from our move to our home.


Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love outback steakhouse too Melissa! Gift cards are the best. Have a great day! +

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I know it will all come together soon for you Lorna! I hope you are not getting the rain like I've heard about there and all is well. Not sure I'm ready to go by month yet for grocery shopping. I'm back to every other week though and keeping it low as possible. Have a great day!

Lana said...

I'm glad you were well stocked when the cold weather hit and your sweeties arrived. I know you were tired at the end of the week but how fun to be tucked up in your warm house with the grandchildren.

We were out of about everything perishable by Wednesday so a big shop at Aldi was in order. We spent $61 and still finished up the month with $126 of our $250 budget left.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

We loved having them here that's for sure. They really crack us up sometimes with the things they say.
Wow you did really well with your budget I was just telling my daughter today I love Aldi's. Best deals ever!

Unknown said...

Hi Vickie and thanks for the encouragement :). You have to go at your own pace with grocery shopping and it looks like you are settling in well on fortnightly shopping.

The rain is in the northern end of the east coast of Australia and we are around half way down the coast and slightly inland from the coast. Fortunately the flooding rain has missed us although we could use more rain as it is so dry here.

The were saying that the dry weather will break here in about April or May and then I think we will get flooding rain here and am preparing for that just in case.

Have a great week :).

sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Such wild weather we are having everywhere. So very extreme. I'm glad you are preparing for what could happen. You just never know.