Sunday, March 10, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 3/10/19!

Okay,  It's 7 am in the morning but really it's 6.   Time change really kills me.  So what time did I get up this morning?  It was 4 but really it was 5.  I went to bed at 11 but it was really 12.  This did not work out for me at all.  Someone explain again why do we do this? 

Spring I think is also trying to blow in today.  I hope it succeeds.  We have went what seems like weeks without sun, so it's good to see it coming back.  When I sleep longer, I dream about gardening.

Here are the ways I saved over the last couple of weeks:

Porcelain dolls found at an estate sale
We went to a estate sale with the granddaughter. I warned her not to touch anything and she was so good.  She was so excited to find toys and just expected I would buy them (I did).  We found her 3 porcelain dolls in a wardrobe box ($8.00) and 2 pairs of princess shoes ($3.00).  She refused to put on her boots and wore the shoes home.   I think her Mom carried her through the snow to the car.  

I found a chair for my antique sewing machine and he found some tools of course.  We were very happy with this company as they tried to work with you on prices the first day of the sale.

sealed trail mix

Using my food sealer I made trail mix for future road trips.   I cleaned and reused a bag I had sealed some cookies in.  I found out how to make these small bags on you tube.  Some people are so smart.

I received my coupon for recycling my ink from Staples.  These always come in and expire before I need ink for the printer.  I decided to spend the $6.00 coupon on two bottles of dish detergent and only paid a dollar more.

It seemed like it was just a few days later I realized I was out of printer paper ( I blame it on the sickness).  Determined to get a deal but realizing printing was hard without printer paper, I started turning over all the things I printed but really didn't need (I call this printing remorse). A few days later I felt like I had struck gold when a $10 off $10 Staples came in the mail.  I immediately went to the store, bought two packs of paper, and paid just another $1.00. 

My first knitted scarf

I finished knitting my first scarf!   I almost quit and tried something easier because it was taking so long but in the end I stuck with it.  I must have ripped out a million rows.  Although it's not perfect, I hope with lots of practice to get better.  It's amazing how warm it is.

For those who are new here, I've learned how to knit from You Tube videos.  Everything you want to know about knitting is there, casting on and off, changing colors, getting better tension, etc. No expensive classes were needed just lots of practice.  I still need lots of practice!  

Cat with a ball of yarn

I finally let the cat have the last bit of yarn and he was so happy.   I kept him out of my project by putting my yarn in a basket that has a lid and put a heavy book on top of it.  

I made two pizzas (low carb) and froze one.

My Goals for this Week:

Finish crocheting a baby blanket.

Get back to sewing the princess dress.  I finished the bodice before I got to where I decided rest was probably the best.

Clean the rest of the fridge.

What are the ways you saved this week?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Cute story about your granddaughter and the shoes. She must have LOVED them!

I hate this time change as well. It takes me forever to feel normal again.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

She is a princess right now so she loves those shoes!
This time change is no good.

Lana said...

I agree about the time change. I feel like a zombie today. It is supposed to be sunny today, let's hope so. So far it is still gray out there. I love the dolls. My oldest daughter would have been over the moon at that find. Both my granddaughters would have loved the shoes, too.

I checked a hard to shop for nephew off the Christmas list. He collects Monopoly games so when I saw one that was reg 39.99 on Walmart dot com for 12.78 I grabbed one.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You ran into such a deal Lana! Wasn't that a relief to not have to worry about his gift and you got such a great price too. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Aren't children gorgeous Vickie snow and all she was going to wear those shoes and in their eyes snow what snow (we call it the squirrel syndrome) insert any object of children's desire for squirrel. When I was a coach for under 6 boys in soccer everytime a plane would fly over they all stood there mesmerised looking at the plane in the middle of the game and then the game would restart competition or not :).

Those porcelain dolls are so pretty and I can see why your granddaughter loved them. So glad you found a chair for your sewing machine too and your scarf turned out really well :).

Our savings added up to $213.79 in savings last week :).

Blessings -
- A few different friends gave us a watermelon, honey due melon, flake, nectarines and 2 dozen eggs.
- Our neighbour who doesn't use her grey water said we could use her's to water our paddock fruit and mulberry trees with. We connected our spare grey water hose to it to reach the trees.

In the kitchen -
- Made all meals from scratch.
- Made 3 loaves of bread in the bread making machine saving $10.47 on buying it at local small country town prices.

Finances and eBay listings -

- Listed 67 items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $110.55 on usual listing fees.
- DH and I had a few catch up meetings on our finances to better fine tune things and keep each other abreast of what is going on.

Purchases -
- On special from 2 country supermarkets we purchased on special a 1kg bega cheese, 1.07kg of champagne leg ham, 4 x 500g butter blend, 6 burrito kits, 2 x samboy chips & 2 x french fries, 2 x clix biscuits & 6 kg of beef sausages and 2 x 1kg of yoghurt saving $51.54 over buying them in our larger supermarket in town.
- Bought a pair of heavy duty side cutters for $9.50 on eBay saving $40.45 over buying them in our local hardware store.
- Purchased 2 rolls of thread tape and a sprinkler connection from the irrigation store saving $3.78 over purchasing them at the hardware store.

In the gardens -
- Did more work on the grapeyard vineyard enclosure we are taking down due to termite damage in the upright posts and whipper snipped and removed the remaining tie wire.

Water Preservation -
- Used grey water from our washing machine and grey water pumped from both our's and the neighbour's grey water tank to water paddock fruit trees, ornamental potted flowers and household lawns.
- Used dish rinsing and shower warm up water to water potted fruit trees and herbs.

Have a great week ahead everyone :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Really you have the best neighbors! Your home made bread sounds so good.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I meant to say too Lorna I love that you both get together for a finance meeting. Great idea!

Rhonda said...

A girl needs princess shoes, even in snow.
So far this spring time change has been easier on me than the fall one, it was awful, but I wish all this time change would just go away!