Saturday, March 9, 2019

My Grocery Shopping Total This Week 3/9/18!

We ran to Meijer last  Saturday afternoon to make sure we bought the hamburger that was on sale.  I thought we had bought enough  till the next sale came along but I kind of had second thoughts.  Later that night we decided to go back to get more and they were completely out.  We got a rain check though. We will go back in the next week or so and buy the rest.  

I've been getting over this cold/flu thing I have  and I think I'm on the home stretch. Now it's the husband's turn.  Hopefully it won't last as long for him. Last week though I didn't feel like cooking or eating much (that might be a good thing).  We've just been kind of getting by so even though all these groceries were bought the first part of last week we are still good for a while.  


Bananas                    $1.50
Lettuce                      $1.29
Half and Half            $2.39
Tuna                          $2.99 
ground beef               $8.61,  $8.28,  & $8.72  ($1.99 a pound)
4 Kraft dressing         $.79 (after $1.00 off 5)
Almond Milk             $1.99 (after $1.00 off 5)\
Cottage Cheese         $1.50
Cheese slices             $2.79
2 whole chickens       $4.53 and $3.53
(coupons mailed to my home)
50% off Bananas  -.75
Tuna coupon        -1.00
Lettuce coupon    -.25
Half and Half coupon   .50

Total                         47.53


4 advance bars                 $4.99 ea
Tomatoes                         $1.99
Heavy Whipping cream   $1.55
toilet paper                        $6.29
Pickles                                   .95
3 loaves of bread               $1.79 each
Ham                                   $4.99
Tea bags                             $1.89
Sweetener bag                    $3.89
2 jars of peanuts                  $1.89 each
4 pork rinds                             .79 each
Sweetener packets               $2.99
gushers                                $1.79
4 lb sugar                             $1.54
Whole milk gallon               $2,18
Sour cream                               .89
3 half and half                      $1.55 each
2 turkey snack sticks               $3.49 each
oranges                                  $1.99
2 Peanut butter                          $1.15 each
Total                   $81.01

Grand Total      $128.84

How have you done grocery shopping this past week?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Good haul. I got more oranges at Aldi this week and tuna at Kroger 2/$1.
Hope you feel better soon (and your hubs)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Good deals Cheryl! Hopefully it won't last as long for him.
Have a great day!

Lana said...

All we bought was perishable food this week for a total of $37 at Aldi.

I hope you are both well and back to life soon!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Lana, what a great grocery total! I hope ours is that way this week-just perishables. Have a great day!

Melissa Henderson said...

This week I found some great specials at Publix. Buy one get one free on Duncan Hines cake mix and Nabisco nabs. Good thing is that you don't have to buy two. If you buy one of the items, price is cut in half. :-) I had a coupon on Crest toothpaste and the store had a coupon, too. I love saving money. :-) Have a blessed weekend!

Lana said...

I made a list of every meal I can make with what I have on hand right now and ended up with about 50 meals! This was a real eye and the realization that we can eat for 2 months without anything but perishable food! This will really help move some things out of the freezer which needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie and you did well that beef mince was a fantastic price and well worth stocking up your freezer at that price. We find it is always dearer when we have to restock our meat as that is one of the most expensive parts of our grocery shop.

I, last fortnight, was able to stock up on near on 4kg of beef mince at around the same price which is a miracle here in Australia as our meat usually costs double of what you pay there.

First of all I will start off with the good news is that we have now completed our monthly shop for March and come in under budget by $50.49 for the month due to all the specials we picked up. Just have to stock up on staples next month which will be cheaper when our e-vouchers will come back again.

This week we purchased on special -
- 1kg of bega cheese on half price special.
- 1.07kg of champagne leg ham at $7 kg less than our usual supermarket prices.
- 4 x 500g spreadable butters on half price special.
- 6 x Old El Paso Burrito kits on half price special (unheard of here).
- 2 x pkts samboy potato chips on better than half price special.
- 2 x pkts french fries potato chips on better than half price special.
- 2 x pkts clix cracker biscuits $1 off per packet usual prices.
- 6 kg of sausages at around .60c less per kg than our usual supermarket.

Total = $99.50 with a savings of $51.54 on usual prices.

For fruit, fish and eggs we had and were given and no cost (what a blessing) -

- A watermelon, honey dew melon and some flake fish from our neighbour.
- Freshly picked from farm trees nectarines from another friend.
- And 2 dozen eggs from another friend.

We also substituted tinned fruits for fresh in between.

All in all a good month for savings here and we are pleased with what we got accomplished.

Hope everyone had an equally great week of savings and filling up their pantries/fridges and freezers.

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You have a great stockpile Lana! I knew you must have and that's what we should do they say. Needless to say you menu planning now is over with! Love that Have a great day!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I hear such good things about Publix-wish they would come a little further north for us. I love that policy about the buy one get one free. Sometimes you just need one. Great deals Melissa!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Great Deals Lorna! I'm so ready to get back to my every other week except for staples.
Oh I can just taste that watermelon! Fresh picked is always the best You have moved by some great neighbors! Have a great day!