Friday, March 20, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 3/20/20-Social Distancing at Meijer, Sleeping, and My first Spring Flowers!

Free Kindle Books for today 3/20/20!  Make sure you check the price before you buy, Amazon prices can change frequently. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download your favorite Kindle Book on any tablet or smartphone with a free Kindle app.

Social Distancing

It was time for us to run to Meijer to get the essentials like fruit and milk.  We also called our daughter and picked up what she needed.  Good thing I keep wipes in my purse because they were out of wipes for the carts.  I felt so weird wearing gloves..part of it was because they were blue!  They had signs up all around telling us to social distance.  We noticed the meat department was bare bones and so were many of the shelves, if they had anything at all on them.  Finally we got to the check out and they had X's marking where you should stand to be 6 ft apart.  Good idea, but just plum scary.  


I didn't realize that yesterday was the first day of spring.  It was also the day I found my crocus's blooming.  Beautiful.

I slept a total of 9 hours last night.  Total Grandma exhaustion!   

If you want to, leave a comment and let  me  know how everything is  going  in your neck of the woods.

KNOX: The Montana Marshalls - An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series by [Warren, Susan May]

KNOX: The Montana Marshalls - An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series

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Kissed by a Cowboy 1 & 2: Sweet Cowboy Romance (Redbud Trails) 

Prairie Brides Box Collection One: Books 1-4 by [Morgan, Kit]

Prairie Brides Box Collection One: Books 1-4

The Money-Wise Gardener: From Free to Fabulous: Practical and Easy Money-Saving Perennial Gardening Techniques and Strategies by [Campbell, K.K.]

The Money-Wise Gardener: From Free to Fabulous: Practical and Easy Money-Saving Perennial Gardening Techniques and Strategies

Cheaper & Better: Homemade Alternatives to Storebought Goods by [Birnes, Nancy Hayfield]

Cheaper & Better: Homemade Alternatives to Storebought Goods

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Archer and Zowie

Beyond the Egg: The REAL Meaning of Easter by [Luckey, Lindsey Coker]

Beyond the Egg: The REAL Meaning of Easter

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13 comments: said...

Thanks for the books. I do love reading. This is a trying time for all I'm sure. We are trying to stay home as this thing works itself out. I don't understand all the empty shelves and the non restocking. Its definitely a new time in our lives. Our Crocus bloom in Feb. I look forward to my first glimpse of spring thru the crocus.

SafyneAnais said...

That is a scary thing to see at your Meijer those little crosses. I am glad you were able to buy groceries.

I haven't been out of the house only for a Menards run. DH had to go to Menards again yesterday. No crosses but people were practicing social distancing.

One of our churches that has a congregation over 4000 decided to have services when our city told them no. Now there are several cases of Covid in my county. They also went to restaurants. The health department said there was no threat but I am still scared this is now community. St. Louis announced community spread. We will be the second county.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It's a crazy world now.
Crocus are my favorite close for now...till the tulips bloom. Stay well.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

We had our big church in our neighborhood hold services Sunday too. The next day the governor has said no big crowds..I hope they comply.
We need everyone to be safe and smart.God would want us to.
It's everywhere I'm thinking but we need to stop the spread.

Kathy said...

Love your crocus. My daffodils are blooming which makes me happy.
I did another Kroger pickup today, and there were fewer outages than I expected but I wasn't able to get the beef or butter or potatoes. Thankful for what they did have in stock.
These are surely strange times.
We had our first case about 30 min away but I'm guessing it is more widespread and they just haven't had the tests. :P
Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love daffodils ..I bet yours are very pretty! Kathy those were the exact item s that were missing at our store too.
Our first case was announced today too. he worked at a factory and they had to shut down. They are all scheduled to shut down today but they had to shut down yesterday.
Testing is the key.
Stay safe too!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love your greeting and I'm going to start using that. We all have been smiling and talking but we use gloves and I've seen a few masks.
I've heard of people putting out Christmas lightd as a sign of hope. Love that.

Lana said...

I am going to have to go look where our crocuses bloom but I may have missed them altogether. Those X on the floor do look scary. We went to Lidl this Morning and everyone was squashed up in the line but there is no room there to do anything else. We got a huge pack of TP and everything that they had that we needed. The produce dept was stocked but it had 15 feet of one kind of apples and 15 feet of one kind of potato and enough sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving for 500 people and so forth. Not much variety. There was no chicken and no fish of any kind. I had no idea that fish would be sold out since so many say they don't like it.

It was a gorgeous sunny day so we went to a nearby park and took sandwiches and big salads for lunch. There were a lot of people there but we were all well spread out. We were amused by three people getting into a tiny fishing boat and waiting for them to capsize as they left the dock. Thank goodness they didn't. There were lots of kids and senior citizens out enjoying the day.

It's the weekend! I hope you can get a bit of a rest before Monday!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love your afternoon! Just the kind of day everyone needs. I can't wait for a nice warm day to have a picnic.

I'm glad you got what you needed..that's kind of different to think about though not having choices. Life sure is changing fast.

Have a great day Lana!

tealady said...

Vickie, you have been such a great resource for all the e-books. With my With my compromised immune system I have only been out once and that was before any cases here in Green Bay, we had our first case here on Monday. My husband goes out but I put a few rules for him( funny I know). normally I'm pretty relaxed but I'm not in a panic yet but my stress level is kind of high. I have always been a good prayer but I stepped that up.I have to admit I have prayed for myself which I normally don't. Reading my e-books have helped me calm down. Sorry I'm venting, but I just really love your blog. I'll have to change my name to Nervous Nelly.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I'm so glad you find books you love. Don't feel bad at times I'm quite nervous myself. Yep my prayer life has really been doubled to and I find myself on my knees.
I'm having a hard time reading but this morning I've set some rules for myself (I'll tell you about it in my post).

Jenny said...

I did a Walmart pick up yesterday & the parking lot was packed...goodness it was crazy. Then I had to go on to two other stores in town for eggs. You could only buy one dozen per customer & eggs are a staple for my husband like bread is for most people.

I went to Braums & there was only one other customer....but they seemed to one to stand on top of me no matter where I went! Then I went to Neighborhood market. I did ok staying away from people in the store but I used a self check out. The lady behind me was carrying a basket & literally kept up on top of me almost touching me as I scanned my things...I almost got angry with her. There was no one inline behind her so it was totally unnecessary.

There was plenty of milk & eggs because it's being rationed in our stores but almost no meat.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I don't like that getting to close so I'm beginning to like the x's now. That's a new perspective on the situation, Jenny.
The no meat is ongoing here and sometimes no milk.