Thursday, May 7, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 5/7/20 Plus Mother's Day Crafts!

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Mother's Day Crafts!  

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Mother's Day is Sunday!  I can't believe how fast that came this year.  Since I'm the home school teacher (with the help of their real teacher online) I thought I had better come up something to give to their Mom.  So, yesterday I helped the grandchildren make chocolate covered strawberries.  They loved it and thought  it was so fun.

I melted the chocolate chips in the microwave with a little bit of water.  Grandson washed and drained the strawberries.  They both dipped them in the chocolate mixture and we let them dry in a small muffin pan.  I then took the Lipton tea bag box and wrapped it in leftover wrapping paper.  They we placed the strawberries down on a clean sheet of wax paper that I placed on the bottom.  

Simple and Fun!  

Please leave a comment and let me know how it's going in your neck of the woods.

Orphaned Again by [Jean L. Kuhnke]


  1. waiting for tomorrow's freeze and snow to pass by so I can plant...GRRR

    processing the last of the winter sq so we don't lose any food LOL..

    Doing some odds and ends that annoy me

    Blessed Be

    1. Oh man that last bit of winter doesn't want to leave! It's cold here too!
      It will feel good I bet when you get it all done.

  2. Oh Yum! I would be thrilled with that gift! I thought about doing something with my grandson for his mom but I ended up buying a gift & just letting him hand it to her. He thought that was a big deal!

    I hope you have a peaceful, restful Mother's Day.

    1. Jenny they feel accomplished no matter how that they get the gift! I always did. I really admire the school teachers more and more!

    2. I hope your mother's day is peaceful and restful as well.

  3. They look great Vickie. Especially the homesteading one! And your strawberries look delish! Mimi xxx

  4. What a cutie! Strawberries look delicious.
    Have a great mother's day.

    1. Daughter loved them! You have a great Mother's day as well!


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