Monday, August 10, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 8/10/20 Plus Never Check Facebook at Night!

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It was so quiet Saturday evening and I went to bed reading Charlotte Hubbard's new book (review coming later today).  I was so involved in the plot but at 11:45 P.M. I made myself stop.  I really could have read all night (and regretted that in the morning). 

For some reason I decided to check Facebook one more time before falling asleep.  Why?  Later, I asked myself, why would I commit such a stupid act.  I'm just not sure.  

Well, it was blown up by another story. Jeez, when will I ever learn!  Believe me everything is much better in the morning when you don't get so excited and the facts are much clearer.  Okay, maybe it's not much better but you know that the world is not going to end.  Is it?

I'm praying for the people of Lebanon.  What a horrific catastrophe.  

I don't mean to make this political...just saying I need to stay away from Facebook at night so I can sleep.  Ha ha!  

What's going on your neck of the woods?

Lightning on a Quiet Night by [Donn Taylor]

Lightning on a Quiet Night

Remnants by [Stan Poel]


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100 Favorite Squash Recipes

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Pickled! The Ultimate Recipe Guide 

Vintage Bathroom Sets to Crochet - A Collection of 6 Bathroom Rugs, Tissue and Toilet Seat Covers, Tank Covers and More by [Craftdrawer Craft Patterns, Bookdrawer]

Vintage Bathroom Sets to Crochet - A Collection of 6 Bathroom Rugs, Tissue and Toilet Seat Covers, Tank Covers and More

The Happy Hollisters by [Jerry West, Helen S. Hamilton]

The Happy Hollisters

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Kathy said...

Hope you were able to get some sleep.
I deactivated my Facebook several years ago since I was letting it steal my peace. Do you ever have conversations in your head about responding to some of the comments(or is that just me?)
Thanks for the books. Looking forward to trying new squash recipes.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Kathy I thought about deactivating my facebook but the grandkids have so many pics on there. Plus the Blog is tied up in that too. So I stay. Maybe I'd better stay off that as much as I stay away from the regular news now. It does steal your peace.
Kathy sometimes I respond. That's never good.
I'm getting the squash recipe book too! I watched a youtube video and they said use shredded zucchini for coleslaw and another one to make flour. I'm thinking about the coleslaw. Need more recipes!

Jenny said...

I think I'm learning to stay offline in the evenings. And with it being an election year I am snoozing friends on FB left & right. I just don't need to see/read all the drama.

It's & humid here. The good news is that there are only three more weeks in August but it has been known to stay hot & humid here until October. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this year.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes evenings are the killer online that's for sure.
It's not and humid here today and it better leave soon.

Chef Owings said...

I only do facebook in the morning IF I need to check for an answer (grandkids, military kids, niece I do not scroll through my news feed... I just check the notifications

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

There is a good idea! LOve that!

Kathy said...

Oh I tried making zucchini slaw, and surprisingly we really liked it. I added a bit of serrano pepper and a dash of cayenne, and my husband loved it. :D