Friday, September 11, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 9/11/20 Plus Everything is different this year!

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Everything is different this year in Grandmas school and it's better!   I mean it was just sprung on us last year but we made it through. They have it together this year and it's like actual school.  They need to wake up get going because there is no more doing school work later on in the day.  They also get to see all their friends faces and talk to them.  They are all happy children.  

Oh, sure links have broken but that's to be expected.  I mainly am the person that makes sure he stays on track.  You have to watch out to make sure no video games are played (I hear that he is not the only one) and that he is paying attention to the teacher.  You also make sure he knows the time to be back.  After a few missed minutes of what the teacher wants him to do he is getting the hang of that one. 

Mainly I'm proud of the teachers and my grandson.  He is excited this year for school.  I'm pretty sure though he would still rather enter the building but this is a real good substitute.  The teachers are to be commended!  

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Kathy said...

So glad that school is working well this year. Great job!
My niece and nephew aren't doing so well. My mil is supposed to be supervising them, and she found the boy taking a nap during class. The girl is goofing off. I'm glad I have college age kids. ;)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I bet it's hard with two. Another family member has the youngest. The teacher did say the bed was probably not a good place to be at. Haha!! So he is right in the living room and we are real quiet. Well as quiet as we can be. I bet you are glad you're is college age!

Jenny said...

Oh I am so happy to hear school is going well! That is such great news.

I finally turned off my ac & am wearing a sweater & drinking tea as I relax on line. I have a few crazy days watching my grandson then 5 days off.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

oh it's so good to hear about your days off and your cool weather. They both can't be beat.