Saturday, November 14, 2020

Free Kindle Book for Today 11/14/20 Plus Grand Kids Back to Virtual Learning!

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The grand kids have been back to school a couple of days a week for a little while but last night everything changed.  The school board has decided with the rise in community spread in covid cases in Michigan that all schools will be virtual till after the first of the year.

FYI:  Our covid cases have went through the roof here in Michigan.  Yesterday's total was  8516 new cases and 118 deaths (83 were due to vital records reviews).  The hospitals are overrun. I don't believe we can sit up tents in 20 degree weather in just won't work.  Anything is possible, if necessary, I guess.  Nurses are complaining of over work and exhaustion.  

The grandkids have been safe so far but the school officials know it can't last like this.,especially after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  So many people don't even think about how serious this is.  

We are making our own decisions to stay at home and be safe. We as a family are deciding what activities we feel safe at and believe me, it's not many at all. We all want to see another Thanksgiving and Christmas.    

I'm so glad we got that reprieve this summer.  It was so fun and we enjoyed it while practicing safe measures. 
There will be more movies at home, more spending the night with Grandma and Pop, and more drives around town.  

How is it going in your neck of woods?

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Jenny said...

I can't understand why people won't just stay home unless they have to go out. I really don't want a complete government lock would kill our economy causing so much job loss & I'm afraid that's what Biden would do (if he is the winner....who knows at this point)

We are staying home. I wish my daughter-in-law would stay home. She goes to stores more than I'm really comfortable with.

We're enjoying a rainy day indoors with really not much to do. I may make a chocolate pie without the crust later. A test pie to see if it tastes good without less sugar. I found a recipe to try that I think my husband could eat.

Chef Owings said...

In our county we had 30 new cases in a week. In past month we had over 100 which is double of the total we had all together since this started.
Daughter 4 and Hubby both said they are seeing people out shopping and TOUCHING everything WITHOUT gloves. Daughter4 is now having her daughter get her groceries and her daughter sprays everything with Lysol before taking it in the house. Produce that is fresh goes directly in sink to be washed even though they say you can't get it that way.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Chocolate pie sounds so delicious.

Yes It will be more getting groceries online again. I hope that vaccine is ready soon!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I don't blame you a bit for washing everything. This second wave is something else! Extra precautions for sure!

Lana said...

Our area is up some but they are up and down and the death rate is still quite low here. The stores are packed when we go out and it has to have something to do with the rise in cases. We feel safe since we have had the virus but if we had not I would be leery of being out with the crowds. Back in the Spring the CDC had posted on their website that the flu shot would increase your chance of getting the virus by 30%. Of course that article has been taken down now but it has made me wonder if that is behind the rise in cases. We have our covid buddies which means we get together with our friends who have had the virus and so we are all safe together. This is actually four couples in our circle of friends so it has been a blessing. Our middle sons family has one family that they hang out with and no one else. This was recommended by our DIL OB doc and has really helped them from going crazy.

Kathy said...

I am so sorry. How scary 8500 cases a day? Wow! :( I'm glad that your grandkids will be back to virtual learning for now until things get better. I think you are wise to be careful.
I think VA is at 1500 cases daily, and our gov just tightened restrictions to gatherings from 250 down to 25. My kid finishes college exams next week, and then he will be off til Jan. I told him to have a backup class plan in case they have to go to all virtual classes next semester.
As far as lockdowns, I like Biden's plan for a "dimmer switch" to have more restrictions on areas that are spiking and ease up as things get better, makes sense to me anyway. I still can't believe that people still have a problem with masks. No wonder we are in this mess.
Stay safe and enjoy the season with the grandkids. We can still have fun, even if things are different.

Rhonda said...

The schools in town got back to all virtual as of Monday. Every county in Oklahoma is either dark orange or red, it’s ridiculous. People are not taking this seriously at all!
I do fear it will be even worse after the holidays too. The hospitals here are already full

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes I believe you need your bubble so to speak. People that you know and trust even if it's close family like us. That's a life saver in this game or a mind saver!
Wonder how long your antibodies will last?

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

The legislature here stripped our governor of her power to keep things under control. We skyrocketed after that. All
She can do is try to get us not to gather together and to wear a mask now.
I hope by January and Biden's plan your son can get back to college.
We are going to a drive through Christmas light show tonight so we are trying gour best to find fun things to do already.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Very sad situation the state of our country is in. We could be so much better your right Things if people would just take it serious.

Lana said...

I have seen reports that the antibodies are permanent. We had it in March and have not had it again.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love that! I'm sad you got it though.