Thursday, December 3, 2020

Book Review: FIrst Light in Morning Star (The Maidels of Morning Star Book 2) by Charlotte Hubbard


Founded by five enterprising Amish maidels, the new Morningstar Marketplace is a joyous
success. What’s even more remarkable is the gift the business bestows upon each of these
unmarried women—the unexpected blessing of love . . .
Leaving Flaud’s Furniture to teach at the community’s new school is a joy for
Lydianne Christner. Old Order Amish, but new to Morning Star, she’s grateful that the congregation trusts her with the position—but she panics when handsome Bishop Jeremiah Shetler asks about the life she left behind. If anyone discovers the secret she’s hiding, she would, quite rightly, be shunned.   
A widower, Bishop Jeremiah admires young Lydianne’s youthful energy and skill with the children. He’s also curious about her past, and the burden he senses on her heart. When his request to court her is refused, he’s stung, and lonelier than ever. It isn’t until a crisis prompts a tearful Lydianne to confess to him that Jeremiah is faced with a choice that requires all of his faith—and teaches them both that love and forgiveness go hand in hand.

My thoughts

I love the hard working Maidels of Morning Star.  They are not afraid of using their talents to help others and help support themselves.  Each one has brought their talents to the community and the community has in turned opened their hearts and mind as well.
The suspense of First Light in Morning Star had me skipping to the back of the book because I couldn't stand it anymore.  Now, that's different from skipping to the back when you can't stand to read it anymore.  This was because the suspense was killing me.  Then I acted like it never happened and continued to the page I left off.  I fell in love with reading wonderful Amish book filled with faith, forgiveness, and romance.

So many wonderful characters bring this story to life.  Not sure if I could pick just one except for the main character Lydianne,
Despite her circumstances she carried on and I love that.  

 I was given this book by the publisher.  All opinions are my own.  

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Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

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CharlotteHubbard said...

Thanks for your wonderful review and for featuring my book on your blog, Vickie!