Thursday, March 11, 2021

Free Kindle Books for Today 3/11/21 Plus School Happenings I bet You Never Thought About!

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I'm running late this morning taking the kids to school.  We kind of ran late yesterday when I caught a train.  It seemed like it took hours for it to roll by.

Then when we finally got to school there were lines like you wouldn't believe.  Oh man, no one wants their children on a bus including us.  So, we wait again.  Sigh!  We just feel like there are too many germs and apparently so does everyone else.


The drinking fountain is off limits (they use a cup or bring their own bottled water)

They do not meet in the cafeteria.  The food is brought to them.  This might have changed with everyone back at once. I talked to them this morning and they are eating in the cafeteria now.

No hugging which drives youngest granddaughter crazy.  She is a hugger.  Hopefully she'll get to hug soon but really in my books there was too much hugging going on anyway.  It took quite awhile to get her in the car before.

Valentine's Day they brought their boxes in a week or two early to let the germs die down.

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Kathy said...

Times sure have changed. I hope things will start getting back to some sort of normal, but I do feel sorry for the kids. Their lives have changed so much.
Not sure how graduations will work this year. My college kid is supposed to graduate in May, but not sure if there will be an actual graduation or a virtual graduation. The other major college in our area is planning a virtual, but we still don't know about his college. I received info to purchase a cap/gown, but if it is going to be a virtual, why spend the money?

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh my goodness Kathy, he is already graduating! I know many of the colleges here haven't decided yet either. I think they could do it if they think of a creative way like some of the high schools did last year. That ceremony is very special to the kids.

Belinda said...

I wouldn't let mine on a germy bus either! Mine never road the bus to school. It was only three miles away and I drove her everyday.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I was a school bus driver!.I'm so glad they all have vaccine shots now..some scary times.

Little Penpen said...

I stopped drinking out of water fountains a long time ago!! I saw someone walk by and spit in one and that did it for me. 😝

Lana said...

That is a lot for kids to process. All water fountains everywhere are closed here. We hand bottles of water to the homeless everywhere we go and they are so grateful.