Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Flash Freeze, Easter Basket Fillers, Bathroom Makeover Progress and the Menu for 2/15/22


I stopped into Walgreens this morning to get some shampoo on sale and found some valentine's stuff on clearance I'm going to use for Easter baskets.  I bought two tumblers for $2.99 each filled with long suckers and one Barbie beauty salon kit for $3.49 (1/2 price).  

Today I should be done with the bathroom wallpaper.  Then I make the under the sink curtain with the new curtains I bought.   By the weekend it will be completely finished!!   Now on to the next job!   

We had a flash freeze they called it and everywhere we walk is ice even in the grass.  We are walking around here with very small steps and we are bent over I noticed as we walk.  I guess we are closer to the ground if we fall that way..ha ha.  Husband bought sand for the grassy areas and  their last big bag of salt.  We thought we had enough salt but I guess it was just a thought.  


Monday                    Hot dogs (grandkids were here)

Tuesday                    Chicken salad sandwiches

Wednesday                Roast, small creamy potatoes (came in a Flashfood box), green beans

Thursday                   Beef Stew made with leftover roast

Friday                        Steak, Cheese, and onion Sandwiches

Saturday                    Lasagna (freezer meal)

Sunday                      Left-over Lasagna!  

Breakfasts:   Fried Bologna/ham/egg sandwiches, oatmeal,  eggs, French toast, and breakfast tortillas I made with the leftover sausage last week.

Lunch, your on own.

According to how much energy and time I have this menu could change at any time (sometimes it's much to the delight of my husband).

What's on your menu?

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Lana said...

We had frozen fog last week and it makes everything slick. I saw the first bluebird in our backyard this morning so that usually means Spring is near!

M-oven roast chicken thighs, baked potatoes, salad
T-Skillet Tuna Noodle Casserole, broc, salad
W-roast beef with potatoes and carrots, coleslaw, biscuits
TR-beef and noodles with leftovers, coleslaw and green beans
The weekend will be visiting our oldest son's family and they get to cook! Yippee!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love to see Bluebirds and Robins makes me smile every time.
Be safe ... and walk like us!
We are having the roast beef today!
I hope you have a wonderful time visiting and eating!

Belinda said...

The Easter basket stuff you picked up is so cute. I love the little cups. How neat that you got them on clearance.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I try to look for things that don't look like Valentine's day. These were perfect. I'm pretty sure the cup will too young for the oldest but he'll love the suckers and give the cup probably to the granddaughter.