Friday, March 24, 2023

Vickie's Garden: What I'm Growing in the Window 3/24/23


I've finally had some success starting plants in front of my kitchen window.   I usually wait till April to start my plants in the little greenhouses I have but I wanted to get ahead on lettuce.  My first try was in Febuary and there was not enough light so I started all over on the first day on March.  

I used this pot to start growing sage plants and some of the lettuce seeds that didn't come up back in Febuary, are up now!  
If you look closely in the middle though you can see a tiny sage plant coming up.

Sage took a long time to start growing  but I see it coming up in the second pot now.

My sweet potato is starting to root.   I just used the one I received from the vegetables delivered to me by our local fresh market.  Worked great so far.

A grow light and more sunshine has helped a lot.  I bought this one at Aldi's and I wish I had bought another one.  It was $14.00 I believe.  


Here is the setup.  Next week I'm excited to start more plants: herbs, tomato, and cabbages.  The lettuce will go out in the greenhouse.

Now remember this is Michigan and we are just getting rid of the snow.  So, I'm right on time for our area.

Do you have anything growing in your garden?

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Belinda said...

How neat that your seedlings are already sprouting. I remember the year back in 1994 or so that the cost of lettuce went sky high, but my neighbor had some growing in her garden. She gave me the biggest head of lettuce I had ever seen. It was so neat. We use those exact same grow lights for our house plants and they have thrived under the lights. I hope yours do the same thing and your garden is bountiful this year. 💕

Lana said...

Every day this week I have told myself to get going on the seeds and I have not done a thing! Yours are looking great! I am glad to hear about those grow lights because I have looked at them on Amazon and wondered more than once.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Not a single thing growing here! You are on top of it!!!!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I hope you have a wonderful garden you too Belinda!

I got to try something its such dark here most days Lana. They seem to be helping. Hope they help you if you get some!

I'm just desperate Cheryl for gardening time. Lol