Friday, February 9, 2024

Found cheese, Free Fertilizer, and Flashfood Deal of the day!


I had pulled my back out some taking out the garbage through the snow when the husband was under the weather.  This happens to me when I get it into my head I'm wonder woman.  Finally realizing this wasn't a good idea I stopped at the patio and when the grandson came over he pulled it the rest of the way to the curb.  He is a good help and made it look so easy.

There hasn't been much of meal prep for the week going on, so no shredded cheese could be found in the fridge.  I did find the tub of cheese with bacon in it at the back of the fridge and used it.  It was so delicious that I'm going to make more omelets with it.  Money and time saved!  

After the rains and the snow we had, the poor chickens were in mud and I was in mud going to the chicken coop.   I bought some hay, spread it around, and everyone was happy again.

Free fertilizer!  Yesterday was a beautiful 60 degrees so I cleaned the coop really well.  The manure was spread in the garden (keep in mind we don't garden here until around the end of May or first of June).

My goal this year is to keep track of chicken expenses and you can see my list so far on the top right hand side of the blog.  

Oh yeah, I bought 7 steaks from Flashfood at Meijer for around $5.00 a piece. I used my $3.00 off code they gave me just for that day towards the bill.   Two of the steaks were Tbones and the other five where ribeyes.   They are in the freezer waiting for grilling season.

                                                           Meet King of the Hay!  

How's everything going at your home?

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Lana said...

Oh wow! I wish we had Flash Foods! What a great idea for the cheese spread.

Madonna said...

do you sprout your chicken feed? I have read that it lasts longer and is healthier for chickens.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Hi Lana, I hope flashfoods comes to your area soon. They probably will. Sometimes I find a great deal. Have a good weekend.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Madonna, I've heard that too about the feed...I probably should try it!
Thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your hubby are feeling better.
Great deal on the steaks and yum on the cheese. I'm sure the chicks are happy with the hay. I hate squelching thru mud. Have a great weekend

Kathy said...

Well that comment was me ;)
Such a cute kitty.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Kathy thanks for asking. he is all better but the back is still giving me a little trouble. Better overall though. Mud is not fun.

Belinda said...

The hay is so nice when it's rained so much there is mud. It's been raining a lot here too this week. what a great deal on the Flash Foods. I'll be so tickled when we get that here. That was very nice of your grandson to pull the garbage to the curb for you. Some of those bags can get so heavy, I have trouble lifting some of them too.