Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Leftover Dinner Menu for three this Week for around $45.00 .... 2/13/24

I've thought about the leftovers this past week, a lot.   After going to the store I'm making sure I use all of it -one way or another.  I've been planning it out in my head as I go along.   I thought I would let you know what has been on the table up till now and what I have planned.

We have 3 adults that live here -2 grandkids visit.  One grandkid wants anything we have fixed, the other wants McDonalds (ha ha).  When they visit if we don't have anything they will eat, I fix Mac and Cheese, fried bologna, etc.  They usually have dinner with Mom.

The Leftover Dinner Menu 

Friday.. Liver and onions,  French fries   (2.50 for 1 pound of liver)

Saturday.. Soup beans, fried cabbage, leftover liver  ($2.25 for 3 cans of soup beans, cabbage $1.50)

***Have you ever heard of a meal that will just gag someone if they smell it cooking or just see it.  My daughters have.  It's liver and onions.  The best meal ever we think, yet they won't eat it.  It's a good cheap, healthy meat with loads of nutrition but many people pass it up.

Sunday... BBQ chicken wings mashed potatoes leftover sides (No we didn't watch the game, we just wanted chicken wings LOL)-  (Another flash food meat for $3.00 and No sugar BBQ sauce for $4.00 a bottle)

Monday...Roast (flashfood for $9.00), mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans (potatoes and greens beans from our garden, $9.00 for Roast, gravy in a can $1.00)

Tuesday (today)....BBQ roast sandwiches (the rest of the sauce) and a salad (.99 lettuce, .99 tomato, 25 cent grated carrrot, buns are leftover from last time and I froze them) 

Wednesday..chili (using soup beans)  -Hamburger $3.99 a pound, tomatoes canned from our garden

Thursday ...Hot dogs with leftover chili on top- (buns are low carb $1.50-$6.00 for hotdogs)

Friday....sausage, eggs, gravy, and biscuits  (fresh eggs from our chickens, sausage $2.99, gravy $1.29 in a bag, and homemade biscuits maybe $2.00)

FYI: Things I fed my chickens so far this week: the little bit of leftover green beans, a few fried potatoes, one piece of liver chopped up, and mashed potatoes.

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Good planning and eating. It all sounds delish.


It's great to see how resourceful you are with meal planning and making use of leftovers! Liver and onions might not be everyone's favorite, but it's fantastic that you enjoy it and find it nutritious. Your menu for the week sounds delicious and budget-friendly. Making BBQ chicken wings and roast sandwiches from flash food items is a smart way to save money while still enjoying tasty meals. Plus, incorporating homegrown vegetables and eggs from your chickens adds a special touch to your dishes. Keep up the fantastic work with your meal planning and taking care of your chickens! Also, I invite you to read and share your views on my new post.

Kathy said...

Your post is very timely! I was just going thru the freezer and came across a pkg of liver from when we bought a 1/4 share on a cow last year. I have never cooked liver before in my life, but I remember my Mom tenderizing it and it was a bloody mess.
Please and thank you, share how you cook liver and onions. Don't think my kids have ever eaten it before...I did manage to cook the oxtails a while ago, and they liked those. ;)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

thanks Cheryl, Planning is the key or it all goes to waste!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Kathy, Oxtails oh my I've never had any! Liver and Onions is very easy -I just coat it with flour (all-purpose) and then fry it with chopped onions in oil. Cook until done and Brown on each side. One day I'll do a recipe for it when I make it again.

Nancy said...

Gosh Vickie-love that you are clever and try to use everything. We try to do that. I hate food waste. Saves so much money if you can make a meal then use the leftovers. I'm with you, I love liver & onions but don't make at home-husband doesn't like. But if we occasionally eat at a cafe and it's on the menu I order-yum.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Hi Nancy, Eating out is a great way to get liver and onions! Husbamd tried to order it at our local cracker barrel last month but it is no longer on the menu. So I think he was happy about me making it and he will be alright for awhile. ha ha
The leftovers just rolled this week.

Belinda said...

Yum, it all sounds delicious, Vickie. I enjoy having breakfast for dinner too, from time to time. :)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Belinda, I can't wait for the breakfast one. I decided to have it tomorrow..need a break from the chili ha ha

Anna said...

i am with your daughters on the liver and onions lol i have only eaten it once im my life and that was once too many. i do not like the smell of raw bone in or ground turkey or raw bone in chicken. other that the liver your meals sounded good