Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Book Review: Miracles at Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard


                     Miracles at Promise Lodge 

Returning to the fan-favorite world of Promise Lodge, the small-town Missouri setting for her beloved Amish inspirational romance novels, Charlotte Hubbard charms readers with a Mother’s Day themed tale perfect for fans of Shelley Shepard Gray and Beth Wiseman!

A season of change has blessed the Amish of Missouri’s Promise Lodge, as mothers-to-be anticipate the arrival of their little miracles and one young man’s life is about to take an unexpected turn as he sheds his bad boy reputation and embraces the value of faith and hard work.

Long-time residents of Promise Lodge welcome a wave of newcomers that includes a pretty potter who’s come to help an expectant couple, and a hard-working dairy expert ready to manage the herds on the expanding Burkholder farm. Then there’s Isaac Chupp, the handsome, charming son of a notoriously unyielding Bishop from nearby Coldstream. Isaac has recklessly rebelled against his 
dat, and his bad boy reputation precedes him. Now he seeks a fresh start, applying for work at Dale Kraybill’s bulk store.

Proving himself reliable while Dale takes off for his wedding trip is Isaac’s bold first step. But more miraculous awakenings may come as he settles into the warm new light of the faithful community. And while Promise Lodge celebrates an abundance of newborns as summer turns to fall, Isaac discovers a kindred soul who has her own share of challenges. In helping her, he just may find his true purpose in loving selflessly, building up, and giving back 

My Review:

The last in the series Miracles at Promise Lodge was a page turner.  A troubled youth Isaac applies for a job thinking no one from Promise Lodge would know of his misdeeds.   He spends a lot of time trying to remake himself.  It proves to be a hard road.

I loved the forgiveness, the second chances, and the hard work of all the charactors.  I also loved the romance, the couples are not who I thought would pair up for sure.  I guess the one part I didn't like is the suggestion of the .. heat in the romance.  I'd rather not hear about that part.

Otherwise a great read.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.

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Belinda said...

Sounds like a very good read, Vickie.

Lana said...

Thanks for the review. I am going to check my library for ebooks of this series.