Monday, August 10, 2020

Book Review: Morning Star (The Maidels of Morning Star) by Charlotte Hubbard

 Morning Star (The Maidels of Morning Star) by [Charlotte Hubbard]

Morning Star (The Maidels of Morning Star) By Charlotte Hubbard

When five maidels join forces to turn an abandoned barn into an Amish marketplace,
the unmarried women have community in mind. But their fledgling enterprise promises to reap surprising rewards for each in turn, including the gift of unexpected love . . .  
For Regina Miller, the new Morning Star Marketplace is a chance to share her secret work with the world—without revealing herself. Old Order Amish forbid the creation of art without purpose, but
without a husband, Regina has been free to explore the joy of painting in her attic. Yet when Gabe Flaud’s curiosity leads him to speculate that Regina herself is the painter, the full weight of their community’s judgement falls on her shoulders.  
When Gabe stands up to defend Regina, questioning the Order’s restrictions, he reveals his own guilty secret and is shunned along with her. Forced to turn to each other for companionship, the young couple must learn to balance their own needs with their deep faith . . . and a love that will show them all things are possible.  

My thoughts:

The first of the series,The Maidels of Morning Star, had everything I needed to sit down for a relaxing enjoyable read.  Page after page, led me deep into the Amish way of life with some great romance and suspense.

Regina was my favorite character because like us all she is has flaws.  She knows she is doing wrong but the pleasure for the moment far out ways the consequences. That nagging thought of doing something wrong is always in the back of her mind though. It's really nothing serious to us mind you, but to the Old Order Amish. it's consider a sin.

Not usually part of my review but I can't leave him out.  Regina's uncle was my least favorite character. He was everything and more that I despise.

What a great read!  

This book was given to me.  All opinions are my own.

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CharlotteHubbard said...

Thanks for your review, Vickie! I agree with you about Uncle Clarence--what a pill! But he's an Old Order preacher upholding the rules the way he sees fit--and we all have someone like him in our family!