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5 Ways to Delay Spending Money

5 Ways to Delay Spending Money-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

No Spend January has been happening for us every January for three years.  It can be challenging at times but it's all worth it in the end.   The money saved in previous years has helped me go to Hawaii to visit my sister and then to help someone in need. This year  the money saved will be helping us redo our master bedroom. It makes us feel good that we are going to get this accomplished without going into debt.

We go through the month living even more frugally than we do the rest of the year.  Well at least we give it our best shot (things happen).   One of the best ways I found to save money is to delay spending as long as possible. 

Here are my top 5 Ways to Delay Spending Money:

1.  Stay at home.   Staying at home guarantees that you will not spend any money.  Although it can get boring sometimes!  You can work on crafts that you have waiting to get done, read a book, play games, or finish that scrapbook.

5 Ways to Delay Spending Money-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

2.  Use what you have and look for ways to make things last longer.

        Here are some examples:

    *  Use substitutions instead of making a special trip for ingredients when you cook.  For instance: Instead of buttermilk-use 1 tbsp of vinegar to a cup of milk and let sit for 5 minutes.

   *  Make it last:  Instead of buying new blinds I have been repairing them as I go along.

   *  Recycle:  Recycling not only helps the earth it can save you a trash bag or two (a week).

   *  Use every last drop:  I put the detergent bottle upside down to get another load or two out of it.

   *  Reuse: I use plastic grocery bags for the trash can in bathroom and I also wash most of my freezer bags (I  throw away ones that have held meat).

3.  Borrow.  Ask a family, friend, or neighbor if you could borrow the much needed item.   Be sure and bring it back as soon as you soon as you can and in the same or better condition..

5 Ways to Delay Spending Money-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

4.  Satisfy your need to buy by looking for something you can use or do for free. These could include free Kindle books, the library, free items after coupons, free day at the museum, sledding in the winter, festivals, parades, or free samples.  Free is always fun!

5.  Just don't go there. If you are out and see your favorite store don't stop!  Most of the time window shopping and not buying anything just will not happen.  

How do you delay spending money?

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