Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past Week and My First Shopping Trip of No Spend January 1/3/16

My Frugal Ways -Birds in the front tree

I fixed a vertical blind slat the beautiful grandbaby knocked down while looking at the birds.

Beautiful granddaughter in the front window

I did the survey on my Kroger's receipt for fuel rewards.

I downloaded the Kroger's free Friday download (bread).  

Played the instant win game and won a free Coke Zero at Kroger.

I downloaded a birthday coupon from Speedy Rewards (Speedway)

We used a 50 cent off per gallon of gas Meijer Reward making it a $1.43 a gallon.

I ordered a $10 Burger King Gift Card from Swagbucks. 

No spend January (you can read our rules here): 

The hardest thing so far:

New Year's Eve I paid for a ebook that was recommended in a comment on facebook called The Last Light by Terri Blackstock.   I had no idea it would be so good and that I would want to read more..immediately.  I'm hooked!  I would have just bought the next one right then but I realized it was now the first of January. I requested the next two at my local library.  I can't wait till Monday!  


With our No spend January we decided to budget $40 a week on groceries.   It's amazing to me what we consider necessity sometimes!  

First grocery shopping trip No Spend January 2016-Kroger


What I got FREE

Natures Harvest Sandwich Bread (Free Friday download)

Mentos Gum (Free Friday download)

2- Star Wars Pillsbury Ready to eat cookies -marked down to .50 each -FREE after a $1.00/2 coupon

The rest:

2- Banquet Frozen Meals $1.25 each

3- Better Made Potato Chips $5.00

3- Gallons of Milk -$1.99 a gallon

2- Creamette Pasta .50 (after 1.00/2 coupon)

1- Kroger Donuts 1.20 (after .30 digital coupon)

1- Barilla Pasta Sauce $1.19 (after .75 digital coupon)

1- Kraft singles Cheese $2.49 (after $1.00 digital coupon)

1- Lettuce 99 cents

1- donut from bakery .75

4- Fage Yogurt marked down to $1.69

1- Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat -$2.49

1- Half and Half -$1.99

-$10.00 in bottle returns (Michigan has a .10 return on each can/bottle and it's been awhile)

Total -$27.51

Spent the rest of the money at Meijer


1 Soft Scrub $2.99

2 Skinny girl Stevia $3.89 a piece

3 Kraft Chunk Cheese $3.39 apiece (buy 2 get 1 free)

-1.50 Meijer catalina coupon for the cheese (I received this and saved it from a couple of weeks ago)

Total $16.23- received a $1.50 catalina coupon for my next purchase (I gave it to my daughter behind me)

Over $2.73 so far

How we've spent my $20 this week:

I haven't spent any personal money yet.

I think he has...he won't say.

What ways did you save this past week?

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