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My Frugal Ways this past Week and No Spend January Week #2

Making extra biscuits on No Spend January- time and money saving-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I find myself cooking more in this No Spend January. To make sure nothing goes to waste (my time or money) I make a little more for extras to use or freeze for later. I made enough biscuits for Mom's turkey dressing and enough to freeze this morning.  I also boiled more eggs for snacks later.

I used the toaster oven to bake the biscuits.

Had some pinto beans leftover and so I made refried beans then froze them.

Used cornbread I saved in the freezer from last week for dinner yesterday.  We still have some leftover and I plan on using it today to help make cornbread stuffing.

Washed baggies, turned the detergent bottle upside down to get another load, saved the bacon grease for beans, and cut coupons.

I chopped and froze the vegetables in the refrigerator before they went bad (carrots, leftover green beans, and celery). It will make a great and easy base for a soup later.

Hemmed a like new skirt from Salvation Army.  

Used our Speedway points for a $5.00 gift card.  Used that towards our gas this week -making it $1.38 a gallon (.50 off per gallon).  I also got a free liter of water with a coupon they sent me in a email. I like to save the free drinks for road trips.

No spend January (you can read our rules here): 

Wild things can happen in the kitchen when you cook a lot!

We've been learning to make do somewhat with what we have on hand. So the burritos didn't have any beans in them this week because I didn't have refried beans.  As I was cleaning my pots out this week I noticed our pressure cooker.  Now it's been a long while since I tried making something from the pressure cooker and I completely forgotten how to use it.  I thought I would give it a shot though and make some beans. To make a long story short...I kept it on high heat a little too long and burned the beans! Research, research...

Anything can happen in the kitchen -here is our burnt pan-Vickie's Kitchen and garden

I soaked the pan all night long and was able to get it clean after that with a SOS pad.

The hardest thing this week:

Not going to an estate sale. We just decided that we don't need anything so it's better to stay home (plus it's our rules). Come February though we will be back in the game!  Looking to keep busy we decided to help the oldest daughter organize her basement.

Where did it go?

That $20 of mine went faster than a speeding bullet.  Yet somehow my husband's just keeps going.  Either he is more thrifty than me or he might have had a secret stash before we started.

Groceries:  With our No spend January we decided to budget $40 a week on groceries. Here are the results from our 2nd shopping trip of January:

Meijer (beginning of the week)

Meijer shopping -2 week of No Spend January

2 Herbal essences shampoos .49 each -  I used a $3.00 off 2 Mperks digital coupon (there were on sale for $1.99)

Bananas -$1.10

2 pillsbury croissants (for a recipe I wanted to make) -1.79 each after $1.00/2 digital coupon

-5.00 mperks rewards

Total    .85

The croissants where not the ones that were on sale that I meant to pick up.  I could have had an extra gallon of milk if I had did it right.  Still though not a bad deal overall.

A new Market by us:

A New Market by us- shopping on No Spend Jan. 2016-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Flour -$3.00

Veg. oil -$1.50

Roast - $9.94

Oranges $1.58 for two

Lunch Meat (beef stick) -$3.99

Total $20.01

Probably not the greatest deal on two oranges but these were so big!  I'm glad we got them they were delicious too!


Aldi's shopping for 2nd week of NO Spend January 2016-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

1- Honey Wheat Bread -1.39

2- Red Delicious Apples (3 lb)- 1.19 a piece

3- Gallons of Milk -$1.79

Bunch of bananas .29 lb-  $ .77 (2.66 lb)

Milk chocolate bar $1.69

1- Lettuce 0.95

1- Box of tea 1.89

1- Box of crackers $1.49

1- Jar of pickles $1.29

3- Bars of cheddar cheese  $1.89 each

Total- $25.76

I couldn't pass up the apples -3 lbs for $1.19!  The bananas were extremely green but they can ripen up at my house for .29 a pound!  
Over this week $6.62   overage of last week $2.73 

Total overage so far: $9.35 (I hope I can fix this!)

What ways did you save this past week?

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