Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What I Love to Do When it's Cold Outside

Watch the birds-Vickie's KItchen and Garden

I'm not joking when I tell you it's cold outside.  This morning is our coldest day of the season so far with a temperature of 13 with a -2 wind chill.  On top of that we have a good 10 inches of snow on the ground. Yep, it's officially cold outside. 

I'll start this post just letting you know right off that I'm not an outdoorsy kind of person in the winter. Nope,  there is no snowboarding for me, no skiing, no ice skating, and I only go sledding when I feel the need to be a fun grandma.  

So here is what I love to do when it's cold outside:

1.  Feed the birds.  Feeding the birds is great entertainment.  The beautiful granddaughter loves to watch and our new cat, Smokey, thinks it amazing too. We manage to get a wide variety of birds at the feeder. Many times woodpeckers, blue jays, and red birds make an appearance.

A fire in the fireplace keeps us warm-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

2.   Make a fire in the fireplace.  We love to keep warm and build a fire.  Too bad I'm terrible at it! Thank goodness I have a husband that can build a nice, warm, and long lasting fire when it's gets so cold.  I love the brightness the fire brings to the living room too.   It kind of makes up for the lack of sun on cloudy days.  

                                   Cooking can really keep you busy and heat up the house! Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

3.   Cook up a storm.  Now is the time I love to start really cooking and heat up the kitchen.   Stews, roasts, and sweets are all coming out of the kitchen.  It's keeping me busy all day long.   One of my best ways to keep warm is to make a pot of stew in the crock pot.   The soup warms us up and makes the house smell so nice.   You can see my recipe for Hamburger stew here.  

4.  Read and relax with a book.   My favorite way to just unwind and not make a mess is to read a book.   I love to go to the library, download free e-books, and review books from authors I love.   

Keeping busy sewing and crocheting makes all the difference.  Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

5.  Now it's the time I love to keep busy sewing and crocheting. It's nice have the down time from the summer garden and finding the time to sew. Yesterday I made a cat bed out of an sweater that no one wanted (I found the instructions on Pinterest).  Smokey is still not certain what it is for.  You see, since we got him has been sleeping with youngest daughter in her bed.  

Nothing like grandmas quilt-Vickie's Kitchen and garden

6.   Snuggle and just stay warm.   This time of year we change our to fleece sheets and put Grandmas quilt on the bed.  Her quilt is made out of polyester scraps and it's big and heavy.  We talk about it every year how nice it is that grandma's quilt is still keeping us warm after so many years.   It looks as new as the day she gave it to us.  

What do you love to do when it's cold outside?

You can read my tips on how to stay warm during an Artic Blast here. 

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