Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Ways to Stay Warm in Your Home During the Arctic Blast

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A  new winter season and a new name for the cold spell, Arctic Blast. Coming out of that cold arctic blast into your home, one of your first thoughts might be is to turn up the heat.  Then you receive that dreaded heating bill in the mail and realize maybe you might need to find other ways to combat that Arctic Blast!

Here are some ways to keep warm in your house without turning up the thermostat every minute.

1.  Wear warm clothes-  Time to dig out the sweat shirts and the heavier jeans.   My husband even likes flannel lined jeans (they have them for women also!).

2.   Keep your feet warm by wearing house shoes and socks.   No more running around the house barefoot.  If your feet are warm the whole body stays warmer.  When we are the deepest winter we change to our socks to wool socks.   

3.  Cover up with blanket while watching T.V.   Keep covers in the living room in a big basket and have them ready to stay toasty while watching T.V,

4.  Sheets - Try some fleece or flannel sheets on your bed.   They make the bed so much warmer and soft when you get in it at night.   No more cold sheet shock will waiting for your side of the bed to warm up!   
We found our fleece sheets believe or not at Aldi's last year.   I remember that shopping trip well because every time we get in the bed my husband reminds me that I didn't want to spend the money.  

5.  Crochet or Knit a blanket, when you get to a certain point the afghan starts warming your lap up!   Two benefits in one.

How do you stay warmer in your house during winter?

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