Friday, November 23, 2018

How we did Black Friday Shopping!

Last year looking for a way to curb our spending at Christmas I decided to save all our Menards rebates through the year.   This morning (Black Friday) we went to go spend them.   One thing I love about shopping at Menard's Black Friday sale is that they have a lot of what they advertise and a lot of stuff they don't.  We didn't get out of our door till 8 a.m. and got lucky to find a spot close to the door to park.  As we were walking into the store an employee that was gathering carts was walking by and we got lucky to get a cart

Okay enough about that I'll tell you how we did!  We saved $164.00 in rebates throughout the year and today after rebates and including taxes our total was $123.00!   Whoo hoo.   

I felt sorry for the worry the lady up in front of us had when she spent over $1,000.00 bucks and then had to call her husband to make sure they had enough money in their account.  I'm just telling you, there is no deal worth that worry.  We need peace of mind about our money.  

So I'll give you the low down.  Some of this is stuff we need  everyday, some for grand kids, kids, and anyone else we would love to have a gift for.  Those warm hot socks- they are for us. Ha ha!  

Baby Doll $5.99
8 Fleece throws for $1.48 each
6 Plush animals for $1.97 each 
Venus Gift set $7.47
2 pk led light bar $18.98
2 pet sweaters $2.97
4 pk of batteries (30 to a pack)  $23.84 
Kids watch $2.95
Diffuser gift box   $4.99
2 -55 pc screwdriver bit $7.98
6 pks of Hot socks $3.99 each
2 Kids sleeping bags $14.99 each
4 pks of Old fashioned candy  $1.99
Tumble car vehicle $6.88
socks for girls (3) at $1.94 each
big gun thing $14.99
2 bags merci chocolate $1.50 each
2 summer sausage $4.97 each 
2 slippers $4.98 each
Milk chocolate collection $3.99 
2 coffees $3.88
Insulated gloves $6.99
Clorox wipes 3 pk $9.99
2 milk chocolate macadamia 2 for $3.00
2 socket set $14.99 each
Total 123.74 after rebates!

We have two rebates to send after for the batteries and the clorox wipes. That will be the start of our next years Christmas fund!  

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