Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Menu Plan and a Budget Overage for 6/28/22!


I've set my grocery budget for $125.00 a week.  We have 3 people living here and two grandchildren who visit us as much as they can (we  love it)!  Oh we live in Michigan.

I realized pretty quick that we all need ice cream in the hot weather.  There is just no way of getting around that one!  We also saw a deal for steaks at Gordon's and made sure we bought enough for summer grilling.  Then there were the strawberries on sale at Kroger's ( I grew a lot but not enough to keep everyone happy).

Gordon's food service

bananas        $1.71 

Pears $2.80

6 Tbone steaks ($7.00 each)  $42.00

total  $46.21

6 -2 pound packs of strawberries for $2.49 each- one already went home with kids
bananas .78
3 Kraft Dressings $2.49 each (I should have gotten five to make it cheaper)
2 Grillmates b1/g1 free $2.49
2 kroger mustards .50 each
2 breyers ice cream low carb $3.50 each 
pork rinds $2.99
low carb tortillas $2.99
olive oil $3.49 (clearance)
Tomatoes $2.92 for about 8 (husband wanted that many)
Total:  $53.95

 half and half $2.39
2 Ice cream sandwiches and bars for $3.00 each
2 Low carb ice creams $4.19 each (I didn't know we were going to Krogers!)
2 crystal light drink mixes $2.49 each
2 Folgers coffee $2.99
Watermelon $5.99
9 Campbells condensed soups for $1.00 each 
2 crackers $1.00 each
buy 10 get the 11th free so it's minus $1.00
total:  $51.00 after $10.00 gift card

In case you didn't read about my Flashfood order mix up:
My order was Kool-Aid Kool bursts for the kids,  a bag of gold fish crackers, can of chicken noodle soup, and a big container of greek yogurt.  It was all damaged or opened when I got there except for the yogurt that was in the cooler.  I told the service desk, they said they were so sorry, and to make sure that I ask for a refund from Flashfood (already given).  Then they told me to keep the yogurt and gave me a $10 gift card for my time.   I was so surprised, they were just so nice.  A unexpected blessing for sure!

Total Spent this week:  $150.16
My budget is $125.00 a week:
I was under $21.17 from last weeks budget 
I subtracted that from this week's total and now  I have a overage of  $4.99  on the budget of $125.00 a week

So this week I'll be watching my bill very close and looking for 4th of July deals.

Menu for this Week:
Monday:       Bacon cheeseburgers for 4
Tuesday:       BLT's
Wednesday:  Ham and cheese omelets (we do this once a week because it uses up eggs and it's easy)
Thursday      Tuna sandwiches
Friday           BBQ chicken wings, mashed potatoes (we were gifted a lot of potatoes), and green beans
Saturday       Leftovers
Sunday         Pork chops and a salad

What's on your Menu?

sorry for the lack of pictures, with the sprained foot it makes it hard to set everything up.  It's getting a lot better though so I'll be posting more pictures of groceries soon.

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Lana said...

I think you did very well on the grocery budget considering the steak stock up. We need cool treats too so ice cream is always in the freezer here, too.
We look at the grocery ads and say 'well the groceries are still gold plated'! I am hoping to get to the discount/salvage store soon and see what they have. It is the best pantry builder option we have.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

That's exactly what they are gold plated! Discount store is a good idea!

Practical Parsimony said...

Ice cream is definitely a necessity in the summer!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Practical we couldn't make it without it for sure!