Sunday, October 5, 2014

Frugal List -Sometimes it's hard to stay on track

This is the week of 9/1/14- just before my Mother passed away.   Thought it might help someone -this week's frugal list is at the bottom.

We went to a peach festival but I didn't buy any peaches.   They wanted $9.25 a peck which ends up being $80.00 a bushel.   Would have loved to have some but we couldn't afford it.    I told my husband that we need to grow a orchard in the backyard!   I don't think that's going to happen.

Picked 1/2 bushel of tomatoes on Monday night so I could have them Tuesday morning to can.  By the way my 1/2 bushel of tomatoes would have cost me $12.00 at those fruit markets.

Spent my $10 off $10 at JC Penny.   I'm not much of a shopper for myself unless I have lots of time so instead of it going to waste I decided to get something for the house.  I bought a towel and a pack of wash cloths and spent $1.04 extra.   Not bad at all!

I used the big bag they gave me at JC Penny as a trash bag.   Also used the feed bag from the chickens for the garage trash.  Then as always I use grocery bags for the small waste can in the bathroom.

Set out the sourdough to make waffles and then realized that I forgot to buy syrup.  If I go back to store for the syrup and the pickles that we forgot I would walk out with $20 worth of other things we need!  So in an effort to stay out of the store I found a recipe for syrup in my old copy of The Tightwad Gazette and made that.   Not bad at all.

I was able to buy a gift card for the fabric store on ebay.  I have four babies that I need to make afghans for so I need some yarn.   This saved me $5.00 plus I will use coupons.

Here is how it's been going for the last little while:

The first week:

You know when you have a crisis -you just survive.   We were so blessed with friends praying for us and bringing us food, money, and gift certificates.  As I have found out this past year with losing many loved ones that your mind can only focus for that while on what is happening and what needs to be done in order to get through and we got through.

The Second Week:

When we have gotten busy we survived on freezer meals I had made, McDonald's and Subway (those gift certificates came in handy from Kroger), very easy meals like Spaghetti and made Omelette's from the leftover ham that I froze from the funeral dinner. 

I didn't clip any coupons so we shopped at Aldi's

This last week:
I've made a dress so far for my granddaughter -working on cap and bloomers.

I've finished one baby blanket with the yarn I bought at Joann's

I clipped all the coupons!

I cleaned the carpets myself -after weighing the cost of hiring a  carpet cleaning service.  I already had the carpet cleaner but I admit I had a lazy thought.  Looks great.

I made Apple Butter twice in the crock pot. This made a total of 8 pints.   It's so easy in the crock pot and you don't have to worry about it.

Went to Dollar General and tried out their new digital coupons.  I used manufacturer and digital coupons together according to how I read their coupon policy and I was able to get a great deal on Tide and Lipton tea bags.  I also used the $2.00 off $2 coupon that was available.  I had a little trouble the manager at that time had to call corporate to get a okay to accept the coupons together but I waited patiently.  My total came to approximately $5.00. So glad though no one was behind me!

Dehydrated a small batch of apples and they turned out great.   Will be drying more tomorrow.

Made a menu plan!

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