Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Frugal List for this week 12/14/14

I bought gift cards for relatives at Kroger and received 4x the fuel rewards.  My best grocery shopping deals were at Kroger and our local VG's this week.   I found a four-pack of Starkist Chunk White Albacore Tuna on closeout for $3.32 and Eggland's Best eggs 1.79 a dozen (close to date manager's special).

I cut my sos pads in half because they tend to rust otherwise.

We saved the salt bags from filling up our water softener for trash bags.

I helped at a funeral dinner at my church this week (I took my canned green beans and potatoes). There were a few leftovers and I was given leftover ham, hot dogs, cherry pie, and the rest of my green beans.  I put them to use in my dinner plans last week.   We had ham and cheese omelette's, pinto beans and franks,  I had green beans for a snack,  and someone ate the pie.

Rewards--I gathered up all the rewards from this week and entered them on Saturday.

I entered a code from a Kellogg's cereal box and was able to get a free kids book.  There are special marked packages with free book codes (it takes 4 of them).  My grandson's favorite book right now is Captain Underpants and they had three available.   You can enter codes at Kellogg's Family Rewards here. 

I've been walking outside with the nice weather instead of the mall.  It's been around 35 in the morning when I walk so kind of brisk but nice.   Even the  geese are confused by this nice weather! I entered my walking and my weight at Steps with Balance Program by Walgreen's..   You can earn points for keeping track of weight (20 points), how much you exercise (20 Points),  and much more. You can use their calender so you don't have to do this everyday if you don't have time.  Although the mall is close I saved time and gas money by walking outdoors plus it's beautiful.  

I answered the survey on my Kroger card and received 50 more points for fuel plus entered in to a sweepstakes.

I entered my paw points from the box of Fresh Step Cat Litter.   These add up fairly quickly and I have previously earned enough points for free cat litter .

Although the arrival of our new grand baby has kept us busy, I continue earning as many Swagbucks as I can a day.  Many days I go over my 50 points so I don't feel bad when I don't have as much time! You can read how I earn 50 or more Swagbucks a day here.

What did you do last week to save money?

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