Sunday, December 7, 2014

My frugal List For This Week 12/7/14

My daughter gave me her chicken leftovers from one of her meals brought by one of the church ladies.  I decided to make use of them by making Crock pot Chicken Noodle Soup (you can also use turkey leftovers).

We've used a lot of gas this week traveling back and forth to my daughters house (think goodness the price has went down). We have loved every single minute of loving on our two grandchildren! Now though we try think of what store we need to go to, or what errand we need to run, while we are out that way.  For instance, my husband went and had the tires rotated one day while I helped around the house.  The tires were rotated for free because we bought the tires there.

We shopped at Meijer's and bought bacon on sale -1.99 for 1 pound.  We bought 20 lbs so we will be stocked up for quite awhile.  

Completely forgot about the potluck baby shower being held today at church.   I remembered this while I was making sugar cookies with the grandson last night (Saturday) and decided to make a few for the party. The meal part had to be easy and come from the pantry so I decided sauerkraut and sausage in the crock-pot was good.  

I already had her gift purchased but I didn't have a card so I used some card stock for a small tag. The bag was free- it actually came from the girl who's party we are attending.  She gave it to my daughter for her baby's present (it also came from another shower that was previously held for her).  This bag is making the rounds!
We heard of one of our relatives traveling south so we sent our presents for Christmas for my husband's Mom and Dad with them. Although they will arrive early we saved approximately $40.00 in postage!  We still have two more sisters to send gifts to but they will be gift cards.

Wasn't able to keep up with the Swagbucks this past week except the basics.   I watched videos, searches, answered the daily poll, and NOSO's.  Starting this morning I'm back on a roll with 50 swagbucks.   If you need some suggestions on how to make more Swagbucks you read my post How I earn 50 or more Swagbucks each day here.   

What did you do to save money this week?

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