Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No Spend January Challenge (the rules)

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This will be my second year for having the No Spend January Challenge. Last year it helped fund my trip to Hawaii to visit my sister (once in a lifetime probably). This year the extra will help someone in need.   

I looked back on our rules and we will keep them the same.

1.  Eat out of the pantry -we expect to buy basic needs such as bread, some fresh fruit or vegetables, milk, meat if needed, eggs, and Truvia).   We only want to spend approximately $25.0030.00 a week though on groceries. (I forgot the coffee!)

2.  $20 a week in spending money a piece.

3.  Money for Gas as needed.

4.  We will eat out and buy a gift for a birthday that is in January. 

We agreed that we will not:

1.  Eat out at all unless it comes out of our $20 a week (probably will happen).   That includes no more coffee stops at McDonald’s.

2.  Buy any new clothes.

3.  No Menards, Home Depot, etc. unless absolutely necessary.

4.  No deals (Groupon, Living Social, etc) 

I will make use of gift cards received for Christmas, bottle returns, Swagbucks,  Amazon credit,  barter, and coupons as much as possible.  I will give you a total tally of our grocery spending each week on Sunday with the frugal list.

So we will start this on Friday.   Have you ever done a no spend month?

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