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My Frugal List for this Week and 1st Grocery Shopping Trip of No Spend January 1/4/15

Picture of Snowy Trees -No Spend January

Took back the pants my daughter gave me for Christmas because they were too long (she gave me the receipt).  When I returned them I was able to 3 articles of clothing for the same price.  One of them was another pair of pants that I will still have to hem!

Took part of my birthday money ($50.00) and went to the Salvation Army with my daughter on New Years morning because clothes were 50 % off .  I spent a total of $30.00 on 1 pair of new tennis shoes (tags still on), like new church shoes, and 3 blouses.

I spent another $5.00 of the birthday money on a pair of PJ's for my grandson for next year's Christmas.   They were marked down at Kroger.

Made flour tortillas for the first time, I used this recipe.  It was very easy and they taste very good.  I will use part of them for breakfast burritos and the other part for next week's dinner meal on Friday (I froze them).

Grocery Shopping:

We decided our budget for each week of January will be $30.00 for groceries.  Here is what we spent on groceries this week (there are three adults that live here)

Picture of groceries from Kroger


Lettuce .99
Quilted Northern $3.79
Celery .99
4 kroger cola 12 packs  for $9.00 (not pictured)
Deposit on cola $5.12
Mouthwash $1.47

-returns for bottles $2.30

Coupons Used:
Free Blue Rinse Mouth wash  (came in the mail)
Save $2.00 Bath Tissue (coupon came in the mail)

***  The pop was a big expense but it should last the month.  Since I'm not drinking any, it probably will.

Total -$15.59

Picture of groceries from Aldi's


Navel oranges $1.89
Deli sliced cheese  $2.19  (both cheeses are underneath the bread..)
Extra Sharp cheddar $1.89
Milk  2 gallons @ $ 2.59 each
Half and Half $1.89
Bananas $1.21
Fruit flavored Snacks $3.99
Potato chips  $1.49
Peanut Butter $3.49
Mayonnaise $1.95
Lettuce .59  (made me wish I had went to Aldi's first)
Honey Wheat Bread $1.29

- returns for bottles $1.20

Total  $25.25

Grand Total $40.80- We are $10.80 over this week so I decided that I will put in $10.80 of my birthday money to make it an even $30.00.  I wanted to do this after my husband did this:                         

Picture of pork chops -husband bought them

After we discussed No Spend January and taken inventory of our freezer my husband bought a pack of pork chops ($11.00).  He also bought Koegel's bologna at Sam's (3 packs for $10.00- grocery stores are usually $5.00 a pack).  Both of these were bought with his birthday money.  Sweet man.

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