Thursday, January 29, 2015

Amy Lillard's Blog Relay and Amish Giveaway

Welcome to LEG #4 of the Courting Emily blog tour. If this is your first stop, it’s probably best to follow the link below and go back to the first blog so you don’t miss anything. Remember: one lucky winner will receive a purple-themed basket filled with some of James Riehl’s favorite things.
Now on to the next segment…
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“Bruder.” Johanna tossed her crayon aside and slid from her chair. In an instant, she had thrown herself at his legs as if he’d been gone a week instead of just the morning.
Her reaction was just another side effect of his father’s injury. Anytime anyone left for too long Johanna worried they wouldn’t come back the same as when they left.
He lifted his sister into his arms.
She ran her tiny fingers down his face as if to assure herself he was the same as this morning.
“Where’s Mamm?” he asked.
“Taking a nap,” Johanna answered. “But Emily said I don’t have to because I’m too big.”
“Really?” He turned to Emily who had the grace to blush.
“That’s not exactly what I said.”

Elam was already upset that Emily was there…again. This is the last thing he wants to hear. 
Ready for more? Join me over at Debbie’s blog.
But first, don’t forget to leave a comment here to be eligible for the drawing. If you’re out of clever things to say, tell me, are you a cat person or a dog person? (I’m a cat person. Big surprise.) Or you can just say “hey!”
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This contest runs January 29, 2015--February 5, 2015. Any comments left after midnight EST will not be eligible for the drawing. 

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