Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book Review: Huckleberry Spring by Jennifer Beckstrand

Book Review Huckleberry Spring

Emma kept herself busy as she could be by gardening (growing big pumpkins), helping everyone possible,  and going places.   She found it was best to put up a front to keep everyone thinking she had gotten over Ben.  It was Ben who had broken their engagement and just like that  had moved away to Florida.  It must have been her fault why else would he just leave?

She stayed away from Ben's family because it was just too hard to bear but then one day hears from Ben's Grandma.   Grandma would love her help in growing a big pumpkin for youngest grandson and she doesn't know how to refuse.  After arriving at the farm she finds Ben there to help his grandfather with the farm work while he is recovering from surgery.

Can they work side by side and not show their true feelings?

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this book so much! Jennifer Beckstrand has wrote a very moving romance story that is so true to life in parts it had me laughing and then crying (okay sobbing) a chapter later.  In other parts though I had a little hard time believing some of the shenanigans of the grand parents.   I found myself asking would anyone do that? I have to admit this made a great part of the story though.

In the end I believe the grandparents are my favorite characters. Willing do what it takes to help the younger people have a happy life.

I found the moral of this story is to be always truthful with one another in a relationship.   Then you can let the other person decide what they will do about the situation.

This was a fantastic read, one I know I will put on my bookshelf to read again!

I received a copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

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