Saturday, January 10, 2015

Menu Plan for 1/10/15

Do you ever just get happy for leftover day.  It made me happy just writing about it!   You have to get to the one point in the week where you know there will be leftovers though.   That one point this week didn't happen until Friday.    The odds and ends I found in the freezer have been great and I'm glad we are doing the No Spend January so nothing is going to waste.  

On Wednesday I'm going to make a meal that I remembered from when I was growing up.   It was a great meat stretcher and it helped make pork chops stretch to feed all 7 of us.   Very simple so I shouldn't have a problem.

Sunday           We are helping someone move...hope they feed us!  ( we had to wait till a warm day                             and the weather man said it will be 31 that day)

Monday           Spaghetti  (made with ground turkey and spaghetti sauce gave to me)

Tuesday          Ham and Cheese omelette's (ham leftover frozen from Christmas)

Wednesday      Sauerkraut, pork chops, and potatoes in crock-pot (a remembered recipe from Mom)

Thursday         Pizza (I found Mozzarella and pepperoni in freezer)

Friday             Leftover Day

Saturday         BBQ chicken made in George foreman grill

What's on your Menu this week? 

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